The Batman (2022)

Looks gritty…I’m vegeance.

Anyone has seen the movie? Just caught it yesterday at GV Yishun…this is the most un-batman-like movie you are going to see. It’s actually a good thing. Take note, this whole movie is very dark with a grim look 90% of the time. Be prepared to get easily dozed off.

Just finished watching The Batman (2022) in 4K with Dolby Atmos mix.The car chase scene between Batman and The Penguin is the highlight of this nearly 3 hrs long movie but it is a demo worthy scene to showcase how good your sound system really are.

For Audio, I will say it has that cinematic wide sound mix that you will appreciate on a big screen in your home theater.

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As for the video department, this is definitely not the movie to pick for HDR demo as 95% of the movie are dark and with muted palettes. However, it does make for a good movie to test out your display capability to resolve balck levels and shadow details. Do take note, if your display is tuned properly, there are actually tons of details during dark scenes. I would say this is a good torture test for projector since most comes with a max of 150 nits. To compress all those details using dynamic tone mapping to preserve specular highlights and shadow details will pose a real challenge. This will differentiate a good from the mediocre projector and TV display.

Just finished this movie for near 3 hours.
SQ is superb in ATMOS.

Batman in the car chase scene with the Penguin is Explosive AWESOME.
:muscle: Earlier scene Batman punch with chest slam!

Agree wit @desray this show really have the cinematic experience!

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Black levels very good on the Lg projector with LLDV , dolby vision rulezzzz

Not easy, entire movie is pretty dark….

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