The Adam Project on Netflix - Highly Recommended!

Shawn Levy, one of my all-time favorite Directors in Hollywood did it again! Been a big fan of his work since Real Steel. After Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds teamed up with Director Shawn Levy to work this time travel-themed adventure. The visuals and Dolby Atmos in this movie are some of the best! I simply can’t believe this movie didn’t make it to the silver screen and go straight to Netflix.

Ryan Reynolds and his 12-yr old “mini-me” played by Walker Scobell had such great chemistry on screen in this movie. Great CGI and action sequence with some cool gadgetry. A fun-filled family-oriented movie with a heart. A must-watch!

Easily 4/5 stars for its pure entertainment!

Wife just watched this trailer a few hours ago and said let’s watch tonight big screen (pj) so will watch :sunglasses:

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You will be charmed by this movie…Don’t expect too much from a time travel themed flick. Just put your analytic brain aside and enjoy the laughter and silly banter between Ryan Reynolds and the kid that played “him” back in 2020.