Superman Legacy - Casting confirmed

He is the “new son of Krypton”. He certainly looks the part and has those “Superman/Clark Kent” look and vibe. Tell me that he doesn’t look a bit like Henry Cavil’s twin brother… :rofl:

The most exciting one is the “new Lois Lane”. Tell me that she doesn’t have an uncanny look of the younger Margot Kidder who played the very first Lois Lane in Richard Donner’s Superman, the movie.

Just based on the looks and “feel” of the two actors, I have a feeling that James Gunn is going to bring us back to the 80s Superman story line where all the magic all begins. James Gunn is a prolific story-teller in all his movies. I’m pretty excited about the casting. Now I wonder who will be the one playing Lex Luthor, Superman’s arch-enemy.


Not sure who the guy is… but Rachel Brosnahan was great as Mrs. Maisel… but I think she looks much better than Margot Kidder…

most definitely. LoL