Suggestions for Atmos ceiling speakers

I’ve had another large speaker mounted to the ceiling for about 18 years using a metal mount. In that case, I added a 2nd brace to take the weight off the main mount. Perhaps I’ll do that for these. Given some deep screws, its unlikely that the speaker will detach and fall off the ceiling, but its possible that the hinge could fail to hold it at an angle after some time.

My suggestion is to use metal bracket as will be super lasting and ( can tighten more securely ( as your old center which is hang there for ages ) That is me I feel safer… lah

But on the other hand to get bracket that fit BX1 is a challenge . Also required to be mounted on ceiling .

My suggestion on the mounting part if it is concrete best it to have longer plugs of screws and when drilling have a bit of tilt .


I also diy bracket for my Elac was 1645.
It can do all angles and directions.


Wow very nicely done. :+1:

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Came across these speakers from Spendor…got 3 pairs …steel brackets included,mounted on ceiling with anchor nuts.


Wow!! Cool man!!

How are you CASH? long time didn’t talk to you.
My humble setup… using 6x of B&W M1 speakers as atmos surr spk match with Side and rear Surr (all B&W DM602-S3). Spk cables are also buried in the ceiling. I hate to see cables around

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Am good buddy. hehehe!!
how r u by the way?

Finally got them on the ceiling of attic via DIY. Exhausting process doing it alone…

Not the sturdiest of plastic mounts, but looks very clean and can adjust 3 axis. May add a brace later, when I am settled with the best angle for the speaker.

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Diy gives satisfaction buddy…
I did all by myself too …
Tiring, but shiok end result…

Wow. Super neat and nice! Not easy to do it by yourself esp for high ceiling. Good job man :+1:

Hope they give u a good timbre match for seamless integration with the bed layer!

How will u be hiding the speaker cables ha… That’s another aesthetic challenge for overhead

No cables are laying around?

Thanks. I had an extensive listen to them before I hooked them up and there is some difference with the mains. Not as bright as the mains, but I don’t want to mount large speakers up there, so there will be some compromise.

The aesthetics are not that important, because its a family room and not the living room. However, as it’s an attic, its quite easy to hide the wires behind the beams so as to make them invisible. I found some IKEA cable moldings that would work, but the problem is corners will be ugly. So if I really want it neat, I need a professional. But for now I’ll have some wires hanging around as I test.

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Not yet. I have a big spool of cable laying around though. :grinning:

BTW, I remember you said your B&W ceiling speakers were the smaller M1. Any issues with the integration with the mains, esp timbre, as my ceiling speakers are also smaller.

Thicker cable is recommended for longer run

Longest run is about 10m and they are 8 ohm speakers, so I think the 16 gauge should be Ok. I used 12 gauge for the main speakers.

Hooked everything up and calibrated. Watched latest episode of The Mandalorian in Atmos. Definitely more enveloping, Good upgrade. Now to figure out how to hide the wires…

Yeah… I use sat speaker M1 (set Xover 120hz) for my ceiling spk (6 pcs) and works pretty good.
I am a bowers lover so no issue at all for integration with LCR.
Front: Bowers 804 D3 (Xover 80hz)
Center: HTM71 S2 (Xover 80hz)
Side and rear Surr: bowers dm602S3 (Xover 100hz)

I buried all my cables and use QED Performance Micro for ceiling.