Suggestions for Atmos ceiling speakers

Am finally going to install four ceiling speakers. How capable should these speakers be? Full range? Brands? The rest of the speakers are old Wharfedales. I guess I should keep the brand for tone matching? One option is ceiling speakers, but because I don’t have a false ceiling, will have to get some sort of pod to mount them.

i am using 4 Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 Speaker’s for Atmos/Auro-3D/DTS-X duties.

Saw this from Pete’s page.

yup, the “Gallo’s”. if i am not mistaken…

If you’re keen on JBL Control CM 52
Full range ,I was using these 2 pairs for Atmos… need to get brackets.

Let me know if u keen…

i believe “Sammy” lives in USA…


Can consider used KEF 3001 egg speakers, comes with table stand that doubles as wall bracket. Saves you the trouble of getting wall brackets separately and flexible speakers adjustments to point to MLP.

+1 too for the kef.

This series is very flexible to adjust angle to big extent. Wide dispersion coax driver. Get the 3001SE version which the tweeter has a waveguide. I’m using it for my overhead speakers :slight_smile:

Or u can consider kef q50a, bigger better driver than the kef hts3001. Quite nice too. But well, the ability to angle it is a problem.

What speakers are u using for the bed layer sammy?

They look very nice in your setup. Definitely something to consider. Do Definitive Technology sell the ceiling mounts too?

Nicely designed. I looked at the Gallo website and they have these “droplet” speakers. Would look quite nice in a living room if you don’t have a false ceiling

That’s Uncle Sam. I’m in Bishan

This is for my HT room, but I actually have the KHT3005 5.1 package in my living room for the last 18 years. Bought it for aesthetics, but was never really happy with the vocal clarity and replaced the center with a large NHT center and sub with twin SVS. Seem’s fine for music though… I do love the aesthetics with the existing front and surrounds and the built in mount is great. If I ever put Atmos ceiling speakers into the living room, I’ll probably put KEF in-ceiling speakers into the false ceiling. But that is a future project.

I have a 4 Wharfedale Diamonds from when they were still made in the UK and a Wharfedale Center that are over 20 years old, but they still sound super clear to me. Much clearer than the KEF KHT3005 5.1 package in the living room.

I guess the question is how good do Atmos ceiling speakers have to be. Should one get full range speakers roughly equal in frequency response to your main HT speakers or can you get lower performing speakers. Also, I’m concerned about mixing brands as I seem to be able to hear subtle tonal differences between speakers so mixing say bright speakers into a mellow mix may create some issues. In the past I even found that different woofers had different tonality, even from the same brand and series. Ideally, I would source 20 year old Wharfedale Diamonds with exactly the same 8 inch woofers as my main HT speakers, but mounting those at an angle on the ceiling will be challenging.

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That’s a separate mounting bracket that I bought for the Deftechs…
I bought them from Japan when I was flying…
It from “Yamaha”
Not cheap, I believe it costs about SGD$300 Per piece…
But it’s bloody good n sturdy…
The “Twisting Options” on it are bountiful!!

Alamak…all this time I thought your living in USA…
My bad…

WD Diamonds are nice.

If timbre matching is impt to u, i would consider the WDdiamonds for overheads? It would give a more overall seamless bubble from bed to overhead.

If not, the kef 3001SE eggs shld be suffice for overhead duties. :slight_smile: but if u have higher budget, consider the q50a. Both are wide dispersion and great for SG apartments where ceiling is low.

Dali oberon LCR or the arendal surrd speakers are great too if budget is higher. But it guess it would not make logocal sense for arendal cos the cost would probably add up to be more ex than your mains.