Streaming netflix dolby atmos from tv vs streaming devices


I know this sound like kind of stupid question but just to ease my curiosity.
My sony oled tv can passthru dolby atmos signal from netflix to my avr. Somehow i don’t have another streaming device that stream netflix.

Just like want to checkout if any bro here did a comparison between tv to avr vs steamer to avr and see if whichever sounds better?

You can loan an nvidia shield TV or apple tv to compare. I vaguely recall Netflix app built in the TV seems to have better SQ… I could be wrong since I only use projector for all my Netflix binge.

I can only say the PQ from the Netflix app on my LG TV is better than ATV. No chance for SQ comparison though.

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Thanks guys no worries, just trying my luck. Most probably may get the roku ultra to try out. Thanks again

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You are going to love it. Just tried out the Roku Ultra 2020 with Dolby Vision and capable of decoding Dolby Atmos…it worked flawlessly and the PQ is better than Apple TV. It is able to do LLDV using HD Fury Vertex 2 and provide max bitrate at 600mhz with BT2020. I probably going to sell away my Apple TV soon.

I believe the one from player directly will be better. But for video, nothing beats the TV. The main problem with the Sound coming from the TV is noise. Unless your TV is going through a plixir conditioner , chances are your player will have the better sound quality. ATV4K sound quality is not as good. So I’m passing it on to my mom, using the Xbox series x instead

The other point worth noting also, if you are using bias lights behind the TV, plugged through the TV’s USB ports for power, then the bias lights will introduce noise. Though u will have a perceived improvement in contrast from the use of bias lights , there is another factor that will degrade the video, Noise introduced from the bias lights. I found out with testing last year using the emi meter. The solution was to put a greenwave filter at the sockets where the TV is connected

That really good to hear, did a some research seem like there are 2 roku ultra in the market. Roku ultra 2020 and roku ultra where the latter can’t do dolby vision.

Hi Ron,
That what i think too, getting a directly player should yield better result.
My bias light was plug directly to a power extension. Been enjoying since i bought it.

Really hope that netflix will start to provide us more quality atmos sound track. Even if we have good player or system if the source is lousy we are still struck.

The PQ and SQ from streaming services will definitely improve as we will have faster network speed, more bandwidth etc. This will also warrant for price hike.

No leh, last I read Netflix using some sort of compression tool to cut bitrate by half for optimising 4k streaming

Ya I prefer the tv with bias lights too, nicer for me

Yes, due to the overloading of the bandwidth with most people working from home and unable to travel in the current climate. With more new devices supporting Wifi 6 format and constantly evolving tech, we are gear towards better streaming quality in my opinion.

That’s right. You have to make sure it is the 2020 model. Very easy to spot. Just look out for Dolby Vision

Yes, the new AX wifi connectivity will provide greater coverage and more reliable streaming of 4K. I can attest to that as I’m using Asus ZenWifi AX router in my home. Streaming 2 4K Netflix concurrently using different devices never see a drop even though the devices only support up to Wifi 5 (AC).


The new Netflix Original, Oxygen has some really good Dolby Atmos panning effects between 48mins and 50mins mark.

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