Stop the FOMO and HDTV Test presenters

The Sony firmware fiasco that made us became aware that they are actually not best buddies as I initially thought. It seems that Vincent from HDTV Test is attacking FOMO for producing those clickbait vids of Sony dropping firmware updates for last year Sony 4K TV to include VRR And ALLM features. Clarifications from Sony eventually came through but I think Vincent shouldn’t have pass those comments. Anyway the Twitter post appeared to have been removed. Guess they patch things up?

Oh dear. Hope all is good between them

I like the videos from FOMO, clear, precise, easy to understand

Haha…guess Vincent cannot stand FOMO as his explanation and production value is much better than his? :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose so. FOMO guy is good, I enjoy his videos . Straight to the point and lotsa his explanation makes sense , easy to understand

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