Static charge from equipment, How to reduce or eliminate this?

Another new experience now, visiting another set up…

So another question for the HT folks and community here.

Recently I visited one set up, whilst swapping cables, I suddenly got a “sting” , ouch! Then touching another equipment, another “sting” ouch again…

Turns out there is a lot of static build up on most of the equipment. I haven’t experienced getting so many shocks on almost all the equipment at the place .

How do we solve this ? Why is the equipment in that place having so much static charge ? Is there a way to eliminate this or at least reduce it ?

I don’t get that at home. So wondering what is different ?

Ground the chasis

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It is actually not static. The chassis is not grounded and there is some non zero leakage voltage to give little shocks.

To solve it, just connect a wire from receiver chassis (any chassis screw) to the ground wire of the electrical plug. It’s very annoying if the current leak is high enough

There are a few reasons for this, but often it has to do with shortcuts the electrician who installed the socket took

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Oh so it has got nothing to do with static , it is due to some voltage leakages causing the mini shock to the body

So even the media player gave that sting! Wow that means almost all the equipment chassis needs to be connected to ground to solve this ?

The strange thing is at my place, I need not do any of this.

Is this due to the main socket ? When we did a check using the socket tester, it showed up all ok

Is it then better to check the source of voltage leakage ? Or is this something that is difficult to troubleshoot?

May not be necessary, One grounded chassis may solve it since all equipment may be somehow connected by interconnect. Try one first anyway. Make sure the screw that is connected for grounding is uncoated/unpainted for proper contact

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Noted, thanks mate !

Just saw this video from ASR, interesting video

So the unbalanced connection is the one that has the potential for voltage leakages … no wonder I don’t get this shock thing at home because all wirings are balanced connection

If I look at the amp above, it’s only with 2 pins without the ground pin. In such amps/receivers, where is the ground ?

I do see a ground binding post here on the same receiver, so we take a 22 gauge wire and wire it to this area or the chassis , then the other connected to ? Are we suppose to connect it to another equipment that has 3 pins ? The ground pin ? Or straight to another 3 pin plug’s earth connection below ?

I think u r right, I found that both houses had this issue were all using longer unbalanced interconnects. (Because of location of the subwoofers to the back) Apparently it’s due to voltage leakage build up . So a balanced connection might the better choice for such long connections

Is it true that as long as I connect the chassis or the ground terminal of the AVR to another equipment chassis that has a 3 prong pin ( with direct earth connection) and it should technically eliminate the static shock? Any other equipment then that has a 2 prong pin or unbalanced connection that is connected to these chassis will also automatically have proper grounding. Is this theory correct ? So only source of ground, which is the equipment that has 3 prong pin with direct earth connection

You can connect the wire from the AVR ground pin directly to the ground pin of the plug as you indicate in the photo


Ok got it ! Thank you for the confirmation :muscle:t2:

Understand, cheers :pray:t6:

oh wow, bro you were absolutely spot on. I just received feedback , apparently there is no more shock/sting . The TV, the media player, the minidsp, the receiver… all no longer has that shock anymore. He conveyed his “Big Thank You” to you. He is not active in the forum, so i helped him asked the question because wasnt personally sure about it. But now i know…

So this is a good solution for the rest of you out there, if you experience any shock or sting, you will know what to do now…

i also came across another video i thought i should share to benefit others…hope this helps…

quite similar approach

and yes, one solved it. Meaning he actually connected to the GND terminal on the Denon, and the other end to the “earth” on the 3 prong plug, that solved it!! totally gone, no more shock here shock there… now he is syok here syok there because no more shock here shock there… lol :rofl:

Haha… great news that it works :+1: