Spotify’s New HIFI option

Coming soon…

Like it or not, subscription based streaming for movies and music is the way forward…

The concept is to take $1 from 1 billion people

Gone were the days with CDs etc and illegal downloads

Now I can finally understand why Billie Eilish sings that way… half the time I cannot make out the lyrics when listening to her songs in the car. But when I get back home on to the system, then I can hear clearly the words from the song… :rofl:

Billie Eilish touted the feature during Spotify’s event. “High-quality audio means more info,” she said. “There are things you will not hear if you don’t have a good sound system. It’s really important just because we make music that [we] want to be heard in the way that it was made.”

Need to check to confirm if can hear any improvements or not?


I have both Spotify and Tidal hifi. Definitely can hear the difference. So much so that I have not touch Spotify since Tidal sign up.

I was about to sign up 12 month Tidal subscription with 2 months free. Lucky I didn’t.

If Spotify hifi is good, will drop Tidal. Spotify is so much easier to use

Ya I’m having two now, tidal and Spotify . Sharing subscription with other members.

I concur with your findings on the above, Spotify has got a wider database for songs and ease of use, but tidal has the upper hand on quality.

Now with this HIfI option on Spotify, it’s good to know they are bringing in quality to rival tidal through the use of Hi Rez streaming

Interesting and if it does provide the quality, then I can safely drop tidal…

Disc rot, you ask, should anyone be concerned ?


Here is a quick video

Spotify HiFi option doesn’t seem to have hires music perhaps to 16/44 only. In that case I will not switch to Tidal which has up to 24/384 music. I did a 3 month trial of Amazon Music UHD (through Bluesound Node) and it was even better than Tidal as it uses uncompressed high res. However I stuck with Tidal because of more flexible Family subscription and uncompressed hi res music will kill my data plan when I listen in the car. Singtel doesn’t charge for Tidal data if you buy through them

Here is a joke I saw online

Then of course they left out DSD…

Now I know why most prefer DSD

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