SoundKraft Enigma Bluetooth speakers


Sharing some awareness for this designed and assembled in SG product.

Check out the reviews on the site.

Measured well and approved on Audio Science Review!

Available on Lazada.

I just bought a single active and a pair of passive.
A good sound and great conversation piece - not just another run of the mill Bluetooth speaker. Of course, support for singapore home grown products!


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Very unique looks and conversation piece.

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Looks like a small bowling ball :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks cute

My younger bro bought this mini version for his gym room. Smaller bowling ball :joy:

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How much he bought? Carousell 8.8 promo selling $450.

His is smaller version so it was around $194.

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How is the sound quality ?

He’s still burning in haha

The sound is very good - the full range driver with the custom damping dot is well behaved and has true HF above 10khz, unlike some full range that roll off early.

The rear firing tweeter balances out the power response by compensating for the narrowing HF dispersion due to beaming. This is important as it fills the room more evenly with the upper frequency.

With most direct radiator speakers, the sound balance becomes thick and bass heavy as the HF beams while the lower range transitions to omni below baffle step.

The bass definitely impresses with output and extension. It has real bass extension, rather than the upper bass hump that smaller bookshelf and Bluetooth speakers try to pass of as bass. Tuneful bass, non boomy or bloated.

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