Sony HT-A9

Will this be the game changer for HT? There is no need for proper speaker placement.

Looks available in Sg… even the larger sub looks a bit small (7 inch driver).
I would think the selling point is for the general public who will use it with Netflix or Disney+, etc. and OK with it being able to do the sound reasonably well.

Don’t think it’ll be for audiophiles/HTphiles.

Yes, for those who finds setting up the AVR / Speakers combo daunting but I think the gap is getting closer as technology evolved. The flexibility on the speakers placement is also a good selling point.

very interesting for those with limited space but wants a plug & play system with nice sound.

Great for those wants to do DIY .

Looks interesting…the MSRP listed on Sony Singapore website is $2,699 (GST included).

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Interesting. If it can be deployed piecemeal for eg atmos and surround duties only, looks like it would overcome placement limitation issues?

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Not bad for the price range

Online Reviews seems quite promising. Now need to hear HT user reviews :slight_smile:

Depends on who the user is doing the review… :sweat_smile:
Some here… might say the bass can’t even hit below 40Hz.
The highs max out at 10kHz… :thinking:
No highs, no lows… hmm…


You are right. Need to pair with their subwoofer which is sold separately.

Their biggest sub is a 7" driver with 300W amp…
But then, the target consumer will be users who won’t care about any measurements.

Anyone knows if the control box have a rca preout to subs that can allow shakers to be added? If yes, maybe adding shakers can help compensate the low bass and make it a good compromise solution assuming if the sound field is as impressive as stated

No RCA out or multiple subs support. All are connected wirelessly.

Thanks rayleh

I think we have to be clear what is the target audience for this product. It is definitely not going to replace a full-fledged HT setup but rather a different take on a niche product that seat right in between a soundbar and those 5.1 HT satellite speakers with built in amp. From the control box, even the LAN throughput is using the old 100Mbps instead of a gigabit connection.

Clearly. the crown jewel of this product lies with its technology to connect seamlessly with its 4 speakers to create a bigger sound stage with phantom speakers “filling” up the gaps in the air to make it “sound” larger and expansive. This product is a lifestyle product which will shine in a living room setup imo.

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The most worrying thing if the wireless connection goes off .

optional sub woofer is a must than . i thought it would come with it .

For full HT systems, can keep the speakers/sub and change the AVR to a newer AVR. Or change to pre / amp combo. Or upgrade the sub. Or add transducers or bass shakers.
If one part fail or gets outdated (maybe the AVR or 1 speaker or 1 sub), can replace just that one part.

I can see why the Sony HT-A9 has it’s attraction (looks good, no need to run speaker wires, sounds good enough), but there is no room to change/upgrade without changing out the whole system.

Lifestyle product :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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