Sony A95L Oled flagship "kinda" tops the 'OLED FLAGSHIP 2023' battle

So the Sony flagship OLED model is finally being delivered to consumers now & has found its way to critical reviewers & reviews are coming out quite fast. As expected the TV has a few bugs, especially when it comes to Dolby Vision content, not sure if this is limited to only built-in streaming apps that is baked into the TV’s OS or even when coming through HDMI input from external streaming devices such as Apple TV+ or Shield Pro.

Another issue seems to be some features are still in the promised land of “future updates” & not exactly available out of the box as expected. This is such a nasty trend that TV manufacturers are following, terrible, most often than not these features either don’t see the light of the day ever as promised or they never work properly & the TV model the following year will end up having a flawless implementation of the same feature making your purchase a dud as far as that particular feature goes.

Another disappointing thing is the implementation of baked in Calman suite, it isn’t exactly as extensive as expected, it is still quite limiting in it’s function despite using the “latest & greatest” Pentonic 1000 SOC (only TV in 2023 to do so).

The TV is still getting rave reviews though especially against it’s flagship competitors from other competing brand.

The A95L just scored a pretty high (highest ever?) 9.2 on Also got some high praise on other thorough review channels such as HDTV test & AVForums (10/10 score).

My 2 cents on the 2023 TV market is this, IF you really die die don’t need a new TV right now, you are better off waiting & buying 2024 models. IF you really need a new TV, save yourself some money & get 2022 models where the prices should have gone down significantly by now. 2023 is such a weird market for brand new TVs.

Here are some links to A95L reviews:

Some written reviews with extensive testing:

A95L is rated as best for "GAMING“

while best for “Movies” goes to PANASONIC

best for “Bright Room” PANASONIC gets highest praise

best overall average goes to LG G3

Shootout report here in German

Video here… kinda short, below 20mins

in the eyes of Germans… A95L not a “king”.

Such a shame the Panasonic don’t aggressively market their TV. I wonder how long before they pull out from the display market altogether. Already they left the Singapore market, they are not in the North American market either. I love the Panasonic picture quality and processing, can go head to head with the Sony in that aspect minus the ridiculous niche pricing of Sony, Panasonic flagship TVs also tend to go down in price pretty fast compared to Sony.

The Philips flagship TVs are another that doesn’t get the same attention and shoutouts as the Sony, LG & Samsung. They gave a pretty competitive processing (though not as good as Sony or Pana) but they match up to LG & Samsung in throwing bells & whistles & features in. In some ways they are best of both worlds (Sony/Pana VS LG/Samsung). If am not wrong…the only flagship TVs that offer all flavours of HDR formats (maybe the TCL do too).

This is an interesting shootout. Seems pretty fair in how it’s conducted. So funny to see the Sony win in gaming when that has been their achilles heal all these years in comparison to Samsungs and LGs.

PANASONIC got themselve burned in local markets thru the sales of G/H/J series of TVs that were made by SkyWorth, although OLEDs in these series were not built by 3rd parties but rather themselves.

after “L” series/year the “M” is the 2nd year of PANASONIC TVs built by TCL. by right, PANASONIC should have regained their confidence as defects and return rates were not as high as SkyWorth built ones. but, damage is done… probably after 5yrs of exit, PANASONIC TVs might crawl back to SG in 2025?

5 years? Didn’t they pull out only from 2022 onwards :thinking:

I am pretty sure I saw the 2021 models being sold here in major retailers.

sometime ago oredi… way before breakout of Covid2020.
the last model u saw in Lazada/Courts/GainCity listing were probably the last J-yr 2021 OLED models. all other LED models had stopped in mid’21, when sales volume was kinda too gradually slow.

Yeah lor, so they pulled out from 2022 model onwards, as in 2022 Panasonic models weren’t available in SG. so it’s been 2022 and 2023 models, 2 years.

in the last part of the “week in review” video…

…a critical point is highlighted.
yeah… sometime, a reviewer could get “blinded” by the identity of the reviewed hardware which may add some scores due to previous impressions.
the German Shootout will “seems” to be the more legit reference in performance review.