Shang -chi

Just went to Bishan Junction 8 Golden village last night to watch Shang -Chi .

It is very entertaining for my wife and two boys . As for me i was happy with the story line , great fighting scene , great CG effects and good sound effects . But as usual the visual part is disappointing the dark scene looks whitish like it is not adjusted , bright scene was visible but it looks like REC 709 . May be it was the directors intend .

Hope you guys have better luck in other Cinema .

I watched at GV Yishun and the PQ is also so so. But I’m pretty sure the 4K transfer will be brilliant.

Funny part is i was just on the phone with a lecturer who specialize in CG and his student had did a few scene of movies clip cant remember what movie.

So he came back to Singapore to watch a movie Godzilla Vs Kong , he said was also disappointed with the contrast and colour .

I figure cinema must have stop paying for vendors to do the calibration .

Any way this is the new ways , last night the whole cinema is less than 25 people . ( may be is school night )

Last week, I watched in GV Bishan Junction 8 too. Hall 2.
Poor PQ and SQ. Sigh… Can’t wait to re-watch at home… :smiley:

Sad man , well give us the chance to re watch it .

Today one of the radio channel lady DJ was also complaining about the video quality of the show , unfortunately did not get to hear the call in comments .

I think unless you are a Dolby, THX or IMAX theatres, I doubt normal cinema chain will pay for calibrations every few years, especially in the last 2 years where half the time, cinema chain was closed due to pandemic. Maybe more and more Singaporeans resort to home entertainment…I believe there is an increase in your sale of Projector and screen? So much so that most of us are pampered by 4K HDR content at home that we start to see how bad the PQ for movies screening in cinema these days.

Yah man you are right , now better quality 4k / UHD Projector from entry level / Mid level and High end and the different option PJ Screen application . Those are looking at a set up have so much more options .

There is so many different price range too choose from , the only problem those who are doing DIY need to do more reading and research before committing to one which suit them . They need to know technically is it possible it works for their location . ( unfortunately if they go for price alone than will be big compromise to fit in location or optimize the best application )

Sorry digress , we are do have better option now a days for great picture and with all you guys to guide and help out they will not do wrong purchase .

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I think Disney need to use the soundmix engineers from game of thrones…: this current bunch of sound mix engineers at Disney cannot make it… the Shang Chi movie has very poor quality sound mix … video also not great, could have been better, but the sound mix… a lot more work required…. Hmmm….

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Agreed bro…the PQ also quite soft and no “pop” to the PQ. It could have been so much better since the DI for this movie, if I recall correctly is shot in 4K DI.

I watched this again last night, this time on Disney + with the enhanced IMAX

Both the kids love it, keep asking me to play this movie…

Watched the bluray 2:39 scope version on Sunday night

But I gotta say the imax version is so much nicer ! So much more natural and doesn’t look stretched. The face looks bigger covering almost the full 16:9 aspect ratio, feels that way.

Video wise Disney + is not too far off from the original bluray, personally I wouldn’t mind watching the streaming version instead of bluray. Sound mix is already very poor to begin with in the original bluray, so wasn’t expecting anything spectacular on the streaming platform , but it is also not too bad DD+ Atmos….

Overall ok, worth watching on Disney + with the imax enhanced aspect ratio, so much more nicer

My Wife re watch it on Disney+ with IMAC panel the picture was not great also . Same grades as the cinema when watch the first launch .