Screen material ability

As years progress the we do see the different type of Projection Screen has evolved .

Those who have been in search for high end brand and good quality finish will see the shift .

As local manufacturer and distributors is rapidly change hands as it does not make any more sence or value for manufacture to be present . They are moving to distribution rather local support with local agent to do sales and tech support . Which will lead to longer turn around support and responce time agent will claims is beyound them they are middle man . Why as they are not specialize .

Fortunately there is still local brands that carry good range of projection screen products with tech support and great range of screen material for different application .

They have between products for commercial and residential as both technically are similar but the hardware and structure will be different .

Example : commercial application is functional and works to certain extend . As for home theatre is more refine and stringent on the finish and projection ability for better and higher image quality .

Lastly you can always rely on service , support , back up ,repair , replacement parts and component from them.

Hope that helps

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What are the local brands that still support?

There is REMACO and LAV that does manufacturing for mainly commercial or cooperate type of products . As for HT application they do have but not as wide variaty .

There is alot of other company that brings in projection screen product for Educational centre and Basic board rooms .

Home Theatre product range there is also a few who do have local parts and service supports . You can always go to their shop to find out if they have technical know how and able to give you the assuarance .

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And of course your brand

Yes i am one of them has replacement parts and repair workshop . Main focus more variation of Home Theatre projection screen . It does apply for commercial if the buyer have understanding what type of grades that they are purchasing .

My product range from Fixed to Motorize are structurely bigger and motor also , to ensure it is long lasting with hi quality finish .

All screen material i will carefully test and evaluate before it goes into making . As i have so many different screen material for diffent application.

Variation gains from white base , grey , dark ,ALR ,CLR , Woven AT , Micro perf AT. REAR , Dual Rear , holograme , golf simulator …for differnt application , match with type of Projector and room enviroment.

The options are more now adays 20 years ago is limited .


As always, thanks for the industry insights. Glad to have you around. For my next screen upgrade, I’ll be looking for you.

What is your screen upgrade in your mind?

OS (Made in Japan) has launch a new screen also called AKIREI

As there are new type of projector with higher resolutions , from lamp base to LED and laser . Standard throw , mid throw , short throw and Ultra short throw .

All this new type will match with different screen type .

Hence it allows some rooms to have more projection in the same space . Also can have different aspect ratio if the width allows .

I’m at a bit of a crossroads on my next screen. Should I paint the whole room black and try to achieve 100% blackout for the family room where my projector is and get a grey screen; or leave things as it is and get an ALR screen? If I create a batcave, I’ll probably upgrade to a JVC with deep blacks, otherwise even slight ambient light will eliminate JVC’s advantage in deep blacks.

I had that proposal rejected by Mrs! Few years back I wanted to have the living room painted black, then during the day you can have windows opened to allow light through… unfortunately Mrs didn’t like black (due to feng shui)… so too bad I couldn’t have it in black…

If your family members are ok, and since you are into video, why not ?

But I gotta admit the jvc NZ9 laser is stunning ! Crazy good but not cheap…

What type of screen material works best for Home Laser PJ ? Some screens have speckles with Laser PJ, especially those with high gain…

Hi Sam you can always call me to bring some screen samples and test the actual finish .

Also the type of structure to use for your next up grade .