Science of choosing HDMI cables

HDMI cables can make or break the installation
Radiance Pro outputs have fast 4k edge rates, and cable equalisation.
Due to transmission line physics, it is edge rate, not data rate, that is the primary factor in required cable quality
Passive HDMI cables should be at least 2 meters long and no more than 5 meters long, with 3m often the optimal length for cable attenuation
All HDMI cables should be 18 GHz Certified. Passive 48 GHz HDMI cables can work, but you may need them to be longer to have the appropriate amount of attenuation
Avoid Baluns at 4k. We have reports of issues with these (including systems without a Radiance Pro)
Avoid using active cables on source outputs as often sources do not have enough HDMI Output Standby Power to reliably drive active cables
Avoid“8k active cables” for 4k systems to work at 48GHz they need to have faster edge rates, which can cause issues in an 18 GHz system

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