Satellite speakers recommendations for micro HT setup

Hi all, I’m considering to setup a micro 5.1.4 system in a tiny spare bedroom (4rm BTO) using satellite speakers. Currently have a 65” oled n a Samsung Q90R in the room. Do you think it’s worthwhile to build a system based on sat/sub or I should just continue with soundbar? I’m considering SVS prime satellite + SB1000 sub package tat I found in Lazada, what other great satellite speakers I should consider? Hope to hear from you your opinions & recommendations. Thanks!

Nothing beats a physical speaker “presence” to surround you in a more convincing manner. So I would say go for the satellite speaker setup.

Plan around your budget.
You’ll need:
AV Receiver (if 5.1.4 means you need a 9 channel AVR)
4 more speakers besides the package in Lazada
Speaker cables (since you doing reno - best to run the cables to back)

Definitely discrete. I have moved from soundbar to discrete previously in my small room and the difference is huge.

Also, I will suggest to into OTWs ( on the wall) speakers too. They should take up less estate from the depth perspective, looks better personally and could get more and bigger woofers which should give more “oomph”.:grin:

Personally for OTWs,I am using XTZ Spirit 2s for my atmos and Starke VS61s for surrounds, VS62s for LR. Nowadays, most brands have OTWs in their range.

Hope it helps.

Thanks all. I’m likely to use on-wall speakers for LCR and was looking at m&k m70/50 and Martin Logan motion 4i, r they good? But dun tink they r available locally like the SVS prime package. Is the prime satellite good? I’m budgeting $4K for the speakers, not sure if tats enough. Avr will likely b Denon X3700H.
The main thing I’m not satisfied wif the soundbar is tat the sound panning, whether atmos or horizontal, doesn’t sound very well. I hope going wif avr will improve this aspect. Else I’m quite happy wif the sb.

Doesnt Norman Audio carriea Martin Logan?

I suggest to include your surrounds, if possible, into the same mix.:grinning:

I like ribbons, am using Legacy Audio and I love them. Actually now exploring to replace the other setup with ribbons.

Try to keep your speakers with the same brand and series if possible to give cleaner panning and sound signature to all audio.

Also consider your source material / devices as some AVR might not support all the speaker formats you have in mind. 5.1.4 should be doable for most new models, but AVR with this support might demand a premium budget.

Good subwoofer is key for HT system. Basic room treatment will also yield good return.


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