Samsung QLED - playing D.Vision material

I’m thinking to upgrade to a Samsung 75" as the price is quite attractive but it does not have DV support.

Anyone knows, if I play a DV movie file/signal via an ext media player, and output it via HDMI to the Samsung panel, can the panel display the video; and what format will the samsung panel output the DV signal as?

My own thinking is, the panel can still play the DV material but it will output the signal as HDR10+ / HDR10? But I may be wrong. Tried googling but not much info.

You’ve answered your own question with your hunch.

Tested at best denki. Output as hdr10

Yup…not a surprise. If you’ve read my article here Demystifying Dolby Vision - Profile Levels, Dolby Vision levels, MEL & FEL. The very first paragraph already reveal the answer. :grinning:

The output format depends on what else is available on the disc.
The most basic plain vanilla HDR ‘should’ be available on most 4k discs, but it is not taken as a granted especially if the disc is not released by the bigger companies, eg a HKG disc.
On the other hand, some companies will release the discs in multiple formats and the TV will default to the format it can decode, just like the sound formats. If more than one are available, eg LG TVs, you can choose from your TV settings.

Think u misunderstood my qn bro. :slight_smile: but it’s ok, tested and found the answer liao. Ie. what a samsung tv outputs on their panels when a dv input signal is played .

U are display calibration guru la haha…

Samsung - not sure what they are doing. Hdr10+ not getting anywhere. But DV content is now so widespread. They are losing out a lot strategically if their hdr10+ dont take off and they stay closed to DV.

The samsung FALD led panels’ pq is actually very very good. The local dimming is good and black /grey uniformity is great, esp on their 2020 led panels and earlier (2021 led panels seems like not) . Hdr reproduction is also good from what i observed. Wasted if they dont adopt DV.

Because of this, i think i will skip Samsung this round for my 75" TV, and go for sony 9 series.

I think you don’t get my reply…
What is output depends on what formats are available on the disc
Anyway good luck

I read somewhere that the new TCL Qled does support DV! You shud check them out…cheers

Nice! heard TCL is good deal

Xiaomi also just launched a 77" oled that has dv, $5k. Promising.

In november, we can audition it in SG. Hoping it has the calibration controls for detailed calibration.

u still dont believe in “HD Fury”??

Of cos believe ha… the Vertex 2 was one of my options to overcome the DV limitation on the Samsung panel. Amazing device.

I’ve been thinking VERY hard and researching on my options.

The background is,

  • most 75" high quality FALD LED TVs now is abt mid $4k at local retailers like BD / HN after asking ard.
  • BUT, if i go for an export set of samsung 75" Q80T (FALD LED panel with very good local dimming + black uniformity that is on par with Sony’s top FALD LED panels), the price is about $3.6k! Save quite a bit of monies.

So my analysis & dilemma:

  • if i add a hd fury vertex 2 to overcome DV on the samsung Q80T panel, that wld increase my total wallet cost to abt $4k-ish, which is very close to the price of the Sony FALD LED 9 series 75" TV liao
  • the Sony 9 series has seamless full DV support, TV-led DV processing which is usually better than player-led DV processing, local warranty, and Calman calibration compatibility (which i need as I’ll b doing a full picture calibration)

So with this, I’ve decided to take the plunge for the Sony FALD LED TV X90J series as the price is almost the same. :laughing:

Make sense to go for the Sony then…nothing beats a true TV-led DV processing imo.

Ya lo. Hope it’ll be good :slight_smile:

Sacrificed a bit on the pq (cos currently I’m using LG OLED which the pq is top top notch) to get a bigger sized screen as size matters.

Hope i won’t regret the decision… :laughing:

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