Sakra 天龙八部之乔峰传 Donnie Yen Movie

Just finished this movie at Waterway Point Hall 3.
As Donnie yen fan, it’s a must watch. It’s his directed most explosive martial arts movie to date.

Superb mid bass punch fights and surrounds 9\10! :slight_smile:

If you are into 天龙八部 series, the finish move scenes are awesome !!


Nice, I enjoy Donnie yen movies… will watch it

Love the story plot exactly how it goes :clinking_glasses:

Looking forward to part 2!)

Don’t read below until u watch first)

Qiao Feng - Wikipedia.

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Just watched it today at Punggol shaw cinema

The choreographed fight scenes with Donnie yen and the villain murong was awesome. Nice to watch. All the dragon moves were awesome

Midbass lovers will love the exaggerated mid bass from this Chinese kungfu. It’s one of those movies you put your midbass subs to test. Very intense and punchy midbass

Overall nice storyline , enjoyed it, loved it! Will watch the bluray version again when it’s out

Oh ya and Donnie yen still looks the same, hasn’t aged. Is he on botox ? Another actor, Aaron Kwok also looks so young ! Wonder what’s the secret all look so young

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Oh ya and now I know which scene!