RSL Speedwoofer 12S Subwoofer

This rather affordable subwoofer can go pretty low to 16Hz and a clean output. Here’s the full review by Audioholics - RSL Speedwoofer 12S Subwoofer Review - True 16Hz Extension! | Audioholics

Official site: Speedwoofer 12S - RSL Speakers

Hope local dealers can bring in…

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the thing that hard to swallow is that local distributor who got the distribution rights will certainly jack up the price by more than double… eventually making the brand less desirable than other mass market marqued product of close specs.
Nakamichi is one such brand.

Quite remarkable. It has around the same output at 16Hz as the $9k Perlisten Audioholics measured and much higher output at 16Hz as the $5k Perlisten. That extended internal port seems to work amazingly well. Similarly clean output too. How do we buy one?

They ship internationally and have 240V. So I sent them an email on how much they charge to ship to Singapore.


@Wind, maybe ovation united want to get in touch with them on the dealership here in Asia if no one else. :grin:

one way to find out, is to go to their ebay page to look at their shipping cost to SG.
buying straight may save middleman “commission” but, when it comes to after sales repair touchwood… just the shipping is enough to screw your wallet.

Local builder can build subwoofer with similar specs :wink:
Building a subwoofer that can go down to honest 16Hz is not difficult with decent subwoofer driver and sufficient cabinet volume. Freq response, cabinet volume etc can be simulated quite accurately.


the key to determine local builder success… will be how competitive the pricing would be, to draw local buyers attentions and support.
the new RSL sub is sold with wireless transmit device and receiving capability.
local builder if thought of such capability as practicality, how will the price be?

I was just Googling about the 12S just two days ago and this popped up right here

So far, no local distributor for this brand here.

Shipping cost is discounted so only USD176 to ship to Singapore via Fedex

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so… that would be 800+176…USD$976 to ship to SG.
after conversion… 976/0.71(which subjected to bank rates)… that comes to SGD$1375.
$1375 for a 12inch sub, that’s a middle-high income hobbyist toy price with high disposable income!

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Thanks for helping to write in to RSL to find out the shipping charges. It is competitively priced compared to other well known brands imo.

Don’t forget to add 8% GST for the incoming shipment. Total will be around SGD 1.5k

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All in s$1500/- isn’t too exp but warranty and service is a pain

Agreed. that’s why it is important to have a local distributor. Our market is too small… its a sad fact.

There’s a listing for the 12s on Carousell right now, listed 3 days ago.

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