Room Treatment (Diffuser / Absorber) services/components

Could not find this specific topic from the list, thus starting one.

Who are the primary vendor and brands out there.
I bought some bass traps from Aural Aid in the past, it seems they are now more focused on commercial spaces.

I see AV One have some but that is about it.

Have anyone tried DIY-ing?
If yes, care to share where to get some of the components?

There are few local acoustics suppliers. Another friend engaged JD acoustics for his dedicated HT room. There’s also Ecophon sound absorber panels from dB Acoustics if you want to DIY. I use this in my living room. Ecophon panels placed in thin plywood frame and wrapped in Titch acoustic fabric.

Thanks Syn,

The RECORE adsorber material looks like an interesting alternative to Rock Wool being safer, though the effectiveness is abit of a question mark…

I do plan to DIY a false wall to house a LCR in-wall;
Would love to do that intersperse with some 2D diffusser

If I can find readily made ones, then it’s a matter of builing a frame to house these in a seamless flat wall, all that’s left is to put a AT screen in front as the finishing touch

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