Ridley Scott's upcoming epic battle for historical buffs... are u ready for the "revival" of NAPOLEON?!

first trailer

second trailer

first look on the historical battle

the movie gets M18 rated clean cut, with no edits for 158mins theatrical screening locally. it was mentioned that the director’s cut that run about 4hrs will only be available exclusively through Apple+.

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Saw this highlights when watching marvels IMAX. Will catch this in IMAX!

it was a sight and sound treat to me as i’m lucky to get a sweetspot seat in VivoCity GV yesterday.

disregard that in the first 90mins that portrays Napoleon as a horny humping french bulldog… 2 major battles, plus 1 night attack delivered in this theatrical cut.
i’ll be eager to see the extended director’s cut in physical media if possible… in months time, to see if other historical major battle lead by Napoleon will be included!

going for 2nd round for audio visual treat 2wks later, when theatrical crowds getting thinner and lesser, such that better sweetspot can be picked… not in same theater though, as the VivoCity Hall10 screen, is in 16:9.

I read the review isn’t good…

there are historical accuracy nerds, there are historical character nerds.
@158mins, it’s not easy to tell the story of Napoleon easily. would the 270mins version scheduled to be release in Apple TV will tell the story better… i doubt so.

in movie making, movie makers have the freedom of creative flexibility, hence the end result/work telling a story of a certain historical individual, would sway off course when presented to the person viewing the works, with different interpretations, some will piss off.

i’m not surprised by the negative reactions.

I’m waiting for this YouTuber to give his review on the theatrical cut…

…as he seems to be very well prepared with reference materials to support his reviews.

fans and subscribers to the channel…

…are waiting for the Youtuber’s review, with historical records material bashing!

it won’t be easy to make a film to tell a story of historical figure, make an edit for theatrical screening, settle @158mins.

highlights of events relate to a historical figure like Napoleon… 270mins Director’s Cut may not even be enough.

eventually… we may want a longer version that would run 7hrs long, split into 7part mini-series as announced by Spielberg…

…making in Kubrick’s style and vision.