Repainting HT room

Folks, I am thinking of repainting my home (including HT room).

I plan to stay in during the re-painting. For the HT room, I hope the re-painting can be done with the HT equipment mostly in-place (or at most shifted within the same room). I think the wall mounted TV needs to be unmounted and then remounted after painting.

For those of you who have done so, can you share what I need to consider/think through when planning for it?

Thank you so much!

I did renovations as well as paint work in my old place bro - you’ve been there.
I placed large plastic sheets over all the stuff, and moved the speakers to a different room.
It will be dusty and you must secure anything that is delicate.
You should make sure your contractor / painter knows how to unscrew the TV and take care of it. You should have bought your TV after painting :wink:
If it’s a dedicated room, consider using a dark color - chalk black for example…