Recommendations for local shop that carry decent range of speaker wall mounts

Changing my surround speaker (from KEF eggs) to a bookshelf that is about 5kg each (KEF R50 series).

Need a wall mount that is 360 rotatable and hold the weight well.

Any recommendations for local shops that carry a decent range of speaker wall mount brackets that can support such weight? :slight_smile:

I know SLT’s basement used to have 1 shop that specialises in mounts but closed down liao

thx in adv for the help

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Wow… R series for surround/height? Yes, its very heavy and you really need a very heavy duty speaker mount.

Only for the surrounds as I managed to get a used R50. :smiley:

The problem with it is, I need to point it to MLP, and the speaker is kind of odd sized, which means, I can’t use those that can clamp the speaker at the bottom.

Heights >> hoping to upgrade from the KEF eggs to the Q50a in future, and add 1 more pair in the top middle. :slight_smile:

How much you pay for it? BTW that’s what i using too. I have 2 pairs. Those are Dolby Atmos enabled speakers, not bookshelf. You dont mount them on walls. Its meant to do reflection onto the ceiling. This is not SVS prime elevation speakers.

Yup I know what u mean. At first that was my worry too that it can’t be used as direct firing speaker as I thought it was designed specifically for Dolby ATMOS enabled for reflection and the xover/ dispersion is different.

But after writing in to KEF to ask, it seems like it can function like a normal speaker and it can be wall mounted as surrounds/direct firing ATMOS. According to US forums, it seems like whether how the speaker behaves (to suit direct firing or reflection), depends on what we configure it to be on the AVR. If it is configured as Dolby Enabled, the AVR will do the necessary for the reflection.

Any inputs/ knowledge on this is appreciated too as this was what I read thus far online.

Interesting reply from KEF. Leave it AVR is pretty vague as different roomEQ may see these speakers differently. Anyway, if KEF says can be done, then it probably will.


If you are still looking for a suitable wall mount, these seem very sturdy.

US $7.65 15%OFF | GU40 High Quality Universal Surround Speaker Wall Mount Bracket Rotating Speaker Hanger Loading 40kgs


Wow this looks good and sturdy. 1st time see this wall mount before. Thanks bro! :+1:

I bought the monoprice one but it’s kinda protruding too much. This one will fit quite nicely

Ya looks solid indeed