Projector upgrade recommendations?


I am using optima UHD50, screen size 110".

Recently looking for a new laser projector, may want to be able to view with room light on as well(in dim mode).

Of course most of the time I will watch in dark but sometimes my kids may want to turn the light on a bit…
My current projector is not able to show clear image under room light.

Viewing distance 3meters.
Would JVC or Sony a good choice?
Budget may be $10k below.
Where is the best place to buy projector ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome.

What you described - changing to an ALR screen may be more suitable for your use case.

Ambient light rejecting screens only selectively reflect light from the projector, and not ambient lighting.

Projectors can only project colour light, it cannot project ‘black’ or ‘dark’.
So if the image on screen is pure red from projector, mixed with ambient reflected light, the result is a diluted and washed out red.

KEC sound has some UST + ALR option from Epson. Believe some other sellers also offer package combinations. Element 5 at Adelphi has quite a range of PJ and ALR screens.

Also Alf on forum can help with more specific information.



Lots of options for consumers now. Very competitive area now.

Edit : wow the winner of the 3 laser shootout is available locally for a very good pricing…

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With that budget, UST laser is your best bet. Not gonna add anything more than bro @Wechnivag has already mentioned unless you want to go for a true 4K laser projector like JVC NZ8 or Sony VW760/870.

Do look at the Hisense L9. I comes bundled with a matched ALR screen up to 120 inches and fits your budget at around $9k with screen. Rated at 107% of BT2020. Only projector in the world to get to that level. Projector Central’s Editors Choice

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If I increase the budget slightly, what do you think about JVC NX7 vs NZ7 ?

NX7 is lamp based while NZ7 is a laser projector.

My view would be that the JVC projectors are worth the price for a dedicated home theater that can be darkened to complete blackness. Even though expensive, they are not particularly bright, if you want to have lights on. UST of 3,000+ lumens with ALR screen is best for this mixed environment

Looking at the room distance 3 m is not enough for most conventional Projector with standard throw lens to optain 110" image size . Unless you have more space .

A) You can use a standard throw projector with brighter ansi lumen and couple with ALR type of screen .

B ) Or alternative will be UST projector couple with CLR screen ( lenticular surface ) .

Both options will be also ideal all depenss on individual prefference . Also now how you like the mounting of equipments and positioning .

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Thanks for all the advice.

where can I find samples of different project screens in Singapore?

I want to try which one has the best outcome before I buy.

also I got wrong about the dimensions, my living room actually has 4m length. As I am using normal throw range projector UHD50 .

and because I have center speaker I won’t consider using UST projector.


PM Alf in this forum for info.

thank you

Where can I find Sony 4K Projector ? SD is no longer carry.

SD didn’t tell you that Sony has exited the projector business in Singapore about a year plus ago? Best chance to get is to import one in or get a used set. The support for Sony projectors still in place though. So for those projector user who bought from authorised dealer in Singapore and within warranty period, you can still approach Sony support in Singapore for repair.