Playstation 5 - Dynamic HDR tone-mapping to rival Xbox Dolby Vision

Now that XBox users have DV capability on their consoles…seems like Sony is playing catch-up this time. Introducing a different flavor of dynamic HDR tone-mapping (likely HDR10+)…but with a catch.

Read on to find out more at: PS5 gets another killer graphics upgrade – but there's a huge catch | T3

Wow. This will be interesting.

Sony’s reproduction of colors using their own algorithm /software had been superb so far.

But it could be double edged sword if quality of the dynamic tone mapping us not good. For LG’s dynamic tone mapping of hdr content on their oled, i found it not so good, and it was better with the dynamic hdr tone mapping turned off

Frankly, there is really no need to chase after DV on gaming console imho. HDR10 is more than enough. In fact, HDR10 may actually reproduce a much brighter HDR image compared to DV. This happens on movie content and most likely going to be the same on the gaming console.

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