Pioneer Receiver's 2023

New Pioneer VSX-LX805 is out in the USA Market’s… USD$2999

Auro-3D will be installed via Firmware Update in the coming future…

akan datang…

VSX535 and 835
after some googling search, i’ve yet to come across any specification details. so… conservatively, maybe to be safe, we shall temporarily assume that there isn’t much upgrades except on power output for the moment.

@ $700 more,

Pioneer gives 2 more subwoofer preouts, 2 channel XLR output as well as one more zone stereo amplification… when compared to “identical” RZ-70, which now goes @ $3.9K.

the Onkyo RZ#0 and Pioneer LX#0# series were both announced in CES2021, but introduced into the market separately.

Onkyo in 2022, while Pioneer in 2023.
assuming if VOXX International, owner of both brands are intending to market the 2 marques in separate years such as Onkyo in even year, Pioneer in odd year… then, we can only see replacement to Onkyo range in 2024, while the next wave of Pioneer scheduled to be in 2025?