Pfsense router/firewall with dual WAN anyone?

Hi Folks,

Anyone else like me has a subscription to a local ISP but also to Starhub Fibre TV?

I’ve been a longtime subscriber to Viewqwest’s 1Gb/s fibre broadband and a couple of years ago was forced to switch from Starhub’s cable subscription to fiber TV, which actually comes with a “free” 1Gb/s internet connection. So I was wondering how to take advantage of the additional data connection from Starhub and get maybe 2Gb/s aggregate bandwidth in to the home.

That’s when I discovered pfsense, a pretty powerful free router/firewall software that can run on these mini fanless PCs.

So I got one of these:

installed Pfsense, set up 2 WAN ports (which connect to the Viewqwest and Starhub fibre modems) in load balancing mode and with a 2.5Gb/s LAN connection into one off these:

Got a 10Gb/s card for my Synology NAS connecting it to the 10Gb/s LAN port in the D-link

got a couple of 2.5Gb/s to USB dongles for PCs that don’t have a 2.5Gb/s ethernet port

and it all works pretty well!