Pfsense router/firewall with dual WAN anyone?

Hi Folks,

Anyone else like me has a subscription to a local ISP but also to Starhub Fibre TV?

I’ve been a longtime subscriber to Viewqwest’s 1Gb/s fibre broadband and a couple of years ago was forced to switch from Starhub’s cable subscription to fiber TV, which actually comes with a “free” 1Gb/s internet connection. So I was wondering how to take advantage of the additional data connection from Starhub and get maybe 2Gb/s aggregate bandwidth in to the home.

That’s when I discovered pfsense, a pretty powerful free router/firewall software that can run on these mini fanless PCs.

So I got one of these:

installed Pfsense, set up 2 WAN ports (which connect to the Viewqwest and Starhub fibre modems) in load balancing mode and with a 2.5Gb/s LAN connection into one off these:

Got a 10Gb/s card for my Synology NAS connecting it to the 10Gb/s LAN port in the D-link

got a couple of 2.5Gb/s to USB dongles for PCs that don’t have a 2.5Gb/s ethernet port

and it all works pretty well!

Hello, thank you so much for this post.
I was looking around for a setup that i can use.

btw, may i know how much ram and storage did you add to your setup?

Hi, my set up has 8GB of DDR4 and 512GB of SSD storage. If you’re using it as just a router and not planning on any virtualization this amount of memory is more than sufficient. Based on the reports from pfsense, it barely uses more than 50% of RAM. Storage even more so, pfsense install using very little space and if I could find a 256GB SSD I would have use that