Panasonic DP-UB9000GH1 4k UHD Bluray Player

Close competitor to Oppo.
Panasonic is a winner.

Wasn’t this released 4 years ago? or is it a new model?

I have the UB-820, which is very similar but made out of cheap plastic. My main complaint is lack of SACD compatibility compared to the Oppo. However, I’ve gotten around that by ripping my multi channel SACD into multi-channel DSD files in the DSF format. If you put them on a USB drive, you can play them off the Panasonic UB players. The 820 has a very good AKM DAC that does multichannel music very well if you put it into a multi channel analog input of an amp or receiver. I see in the video that the UB-9000 may have an even better DAC

The Panny players also work well as a networked DAC using the uPnP protocol. So, I can stream hi res music (up to 24/192) to the Panny players using Audirvana or any other uPnP players. Unfortunately, it won’t accept multichannel DSD