Only if ToneWinner from China gain a firm stand in local consumers' faith

…and trust, this Chinese maker could go big locally to compete with other Japanese Engineering gears!
yes… undeniably on the look of facet design,
螢幕擷取畫面 (293)
the gear looks like a copy or “homage” to Onkyo Integra. but when turned to the back…
螢幕擷取畫面 (292)
…it’s a different story. remove the cover, and dwell through components…
螢幕擷取畫面 (291)
it’s a different breed!

across the CauseWay into Malaysia, this 11.2ch AT-2000 AVR is priced around the same zone where it competes with Onkyo RZ50, Denon X3800H, Yamaha A6A, Marantz Cine50, Pioneer LX505.

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and… here’s ToneWinner’s 13.3ch uber-highend model, the AT-3000!

this is upcoming Procella’s first AVR, model #1680 which according to Procella…
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…is coming into the market in 2H’23.

u might wonder, why is Procella brought into this thread? well… look at the first pic again and picture what will it look like if u remove the row of XLR outputs, speaker terminals arranged in slanted ways…

only one who imports and distribute ToneWinner products locally will know the hidden secret…
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…yup, it’s a ToneWinner AT-2900 that had been around since the 1st half of this year, depite the difference in frontal looks, where Procella resonates to Trinnov AVR appearance.

by the way… ToneWinner products are warrantied for 3yrs, parts and labor inclusive across the causeway. locally? wanna gain interests from buyers? the market is so small that 3yrs warranty may cost less than Malaysia could be… dependent on sales volume.