Onkyo TX-RZ70 - 11.2 Channel THX Certified AV Receiver


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Wow looks good. Thanks for posting this.

Wonder how much is the selling price in sg

It mention MSRP of $2,799 so I guess less than SGD $4k range. :slight_smile:

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Thx! Looks like quite a nice price point and i secretly hope it will give denon and marantz competition and push selling prices lower

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Nope… it wont give D n M a run for the money…
i was a “Hardcore onkyo fanboy” but they just not doing anything “Forward Thinking”
Sorry!! no more “Money from this Die hard fanboy anymore for Onkyo”

It’s receiving rave reviews though. They finally seemed to have fixed all their HDMI issues from previous years and Dirac Live Room Correction Suite is baked in (no extra payment like D & M). This one is going to sell well. Priced competitively. Sounds amazing like good old “Onkyo Sound” from initial reviews.

The RX70 has 2 independent sub outs (still less than Denon). Auro-3D upgradable. Dirac Live bass upgradable.

Today’s Lazada payday sale… if you have the right vouchers - price can be as low as $3.1k

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I see that you have the RZ50, how do you like it? It received amazing reviews as well!

Here is a ear test review of RZ70.

Yeah got the RZ50 early this year. It’s excellent for me despite having a “worse case” room…
Wrote a little review in here.

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Nice! What exactly is "worse case’ about your room? Just curious, if you don’t mind. :grimacing:

My room is odd shaped and very small. There is an uneven wall right behind my listening position.

My surrounds and rear height are basically “in line” (on my left/right) with my listening position. Not behind me. Luckily I’m not OCD, cause I think it’ll drive some people nuts… lol



Oh I see, challenging indeed. Glad you have worked it out and enjoying your system.

Wow, nice sketch of the room. Can see a lot of thought and effort went into the planning.

i actually don’t think the room is that bad. There is a lot of width, which is great for the sound stage.

You could even setup an 7ch bed layer with great results, if you don’t mind me.

Something like this. Side surrounds in Green, back surrounds roughly where the existing surrounds are placed.

Placing side surrounds level or forward of MLP is not following typical dolby/dts guides, but it is surprisingly good sounding in use. There is a lot of info in the side surrounds, and having them come from the sides, from wider further locations really expands the size of the sound stage, especially for atmospherics type effects like forest, caves, traffic etc.

In such a situation where surrounds are at side of MLP how high do you place the speakers?

Am hoping the 10 yr old Yamaha in my living room will die :grinning:, but I should really be thinking about a replacement given its age and technology. Although, I’m quite happy with the Denon X3800H in the home theater, my living room is a more traditional 5.2 setup and I’m not yet willing to do an extensive renovation for a 7.4.4 setup, other than putting coaxials in the false ceiling. Hence, I think Sony’s spatial audio might be more immmersive than the RZ70

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The other reason for placing the side surrounds forward is so they are not blocked by people sitting on either side of the MLP.

Raising them will also avoid the side surrounds then blaring in the ears of the person sitting right next to it.

1.2m to 1.4m iirc was the THX recommendation and it still works well, as long sufficient angular (elevation) separation is maintain to the height atmos channels.

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Onkyo has done it again…proving once again that when it comes to Dirac, Onkyo will seek to roll out more features than what the titans (Sound United’s Denon and Marantz) are currently offering. While we need to pay for the Dirac Live license, Onkyo comes pre-installed. Now they are rolling out DLBC (Bass Control) module for the subs.

Source: Dirac Live Bass Control Available On Select Receivers From Onkyo, Pioneer Elite, and Integra | Audioholics

@durian, is your RZ50 eligible for an upgrade?

The RZ50 has 2 identical sub outputs, so I don’t think the feature can work.

I see…I guess that’s why the article mentioned only RZ70.