Onkyo TX-RZ50 - AVR with the latest HDMI 2.1 chipset

I think Onkyo made the right choice to go with Dirac Live and ditched the accueq all together… it makes a big difference IMO

We can also see that from Durian’s remarks, or Game changer…

I do think it’s a game changer moving up to Dirac Live and ditching the Accueq

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Actually, AccuEq is still available in the RZ50. You can choose to use it instead of Dirac Live. Have not tried and don’t think I would… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hehehe!! just like me, i have Dirac Live in my Nad Pre-Amp C658, but not even once have i tried or used it…

Using Dirac Live only. Not AccuEq. :smiley:

oops!! i read your statement wrongly… hehehe!!!

Who wants to listen to my setup?
My room is super small so max 2 pax. And my sofa is not very comfortable. LOL!
Weekend/holiday afternoon are OK.

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Count me in…maybe next Fri (PH). DM me your new address.

Will broler “G” be invited? If he going, then I come down too!!
Have to catch up with his beer drinking capacity…

Just fyi… my place no smoking and no beer… lol… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

alamak…beri sad liou…hehehe!!!

Thanks Choong for hosting. Enjoy the demo and the chat. The Onkyo RZ-50 with Dirac Live VFM :grin::+1:

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@durian - Anyone else coming today besides myself? Can’t stay long though. :slight_smile:

Only you. No problems if it’s just a while.

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See you bro!

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Spent nearly 3 hrs at @durian’s place today and I have to say that Dirac Live did a fantastic job for his sound system. His room layout is not ideal and went against some of the “sound” advice that we have been advocating here in the forum but Dirac Live on his Onkyo proved that it can still make the setup sound great! From movies to music, I am constantly impressed by the overall sound. It never came across as loud and harsh, in fact, it is the opposite. I urged anyone who is on the fence of trying Dirac Live, to pay bro @durian a visit and have a listen. You got nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am officially sold that Dirac Live can easily dethrone Audyssey any time as the next room correction software. I hope to see more AV companies to incorporate Dirac Live that can do full range (20hz - 20KHz) and Bass Management (BM) module. Since Denon and Marantz offering still lack a complete Dirac calibration suite, have a listen to Onkyo TX-RZ50 with 8K-ready for a start.

@durian, as discussed, pls take a look at what happened to the delay (ms) for the subwoofer. It does not seem right.

Thanks for the session and great catching up with you after so long. :slight_smile:

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@desray - Googled and it’s OK… A sub distance equal to zero simply means Dirac has measured it as the furthest speaker from the MLP. This is quite common.

No worries.

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I see…this is very “unique” of Dirac to do thag because for most room correction system, it is the OTHER way around, meaning using one of the speakers nearest or furthest away from the subwoofer(s) to calculate the distance in delay relative to the chosen speaker. But the theory is correct so long as one of the speaker, or in this case, the subwoofer(s) is being used as the basis to calculate delay. Very interesting.

How is the sound signature of the new onkyo series like?

Does it resemble the legendary old models? :slight_smile:

Good question…the answer is “yes”. It retains the “grunt and meaty” sound authority I recalled when I last used an Onkyo (TX-NR929, the last model that comes with Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room calibration).

Wow. Looks like it is the avr to beat at 2k price range.

Legendary onkyo ht sound with DL room correction!