ONKYO TX-RZ3100 11.2 Channel Network A/V Receiver $2799


Changing to which model :smiley:

Going for the Denon AVC-X3800H…it’s all the audio formats i want and need.
Plus 8K Hdmi Board.
Gonna use as a “Processor” as it’s got all the Pre-Out’s for my 2 Nad M28 Purifi EigenTakt PowerAmp’s.
7channel’s x 2 (14Channels)

Plus it’s got 4 “Dedicated” subwoofer outs.
But I won’t be using more than 2 subwoofer’s…
N there is a option in the settings for “Tranducers” too…
I have 2 Tranducers installed in my sofa, so that would come in handy…

Also Dirac maybe

No need “Dirac” i dont really like all this Algorithm Corrections… just do once, n switch all the whatever not’s off n use my trusty “DB Level” meter will suffice… hehehe!!!

Audessy also “Suck’s big time till this very day” so i will just let it run once, n after that just do my own corrections.

At long last, i will be switching to another brand…(Marantz suck’s big time, n yamaha doesnt cut it too, so Denon it is)
Onkyo doesnt deserve anymore “Moolah” from me, as they are only concerned with the “AngMoh” countries (USA n Europe Only, they have left "Asian countries out even though its all made in Malaysia!!)
Rubbish Mentality from whoever Run’s Onkyo now.

so far they have released 2 firmware updates for this 3800…there are issues, but just powercycle it n it will work…
At 5mins 22seconds see the youtube video, “Tactile Tranducers option”