ONKYO Receiver's 2022

At long last, Onkyo 2022 Model’s has been brought into Singapore’s Shore’s!!!



Priced at SGD$2099 in both “Shop’s”

Might have gone for that if was available earlier, but the 3800’s future four subwoofer capability is worth investing in. Also, Denon’s amps are typically better than Onkyo’s if you are using them

Yup, the Onkyo loses out on that 4 independent subwoofer outputs, plus no Tranducers option…
But it gets Direc Live free n pre installed…

Marantz Cinema 50 @ $2599 Shopee

Never ever enjoyed or impressed with Marantz sound…
Too laid back n does not have the punch…

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That’s a very good price for the Marantz given it cost USD2,500

New Onkyo (Integra) AVR is out in USA Markets…USD$3299
DRX-8.4 with 5 XLR out’s!!

Auro-3D will be installed via Firmware Update in the coming future.

The comparison…