Oculus Quest 2 - The best untethered VR wireless headset

I’m coming from Oculus Go. It is indeed a huge improvement. But the stock head strap really sucks. As such I’m ordering the Elite head strap specifically made for Quest 2. It will help to relieve some of the front-heaviness of the headset. However, all is not rosy for the new Elite head strap as reports coming in of the plastic side arms are brittle and break easily (see pics below).

Compounding the problem is the way the parent company, Facebook is handling the way Quest users sign in on their headset. Facebook literally requires all her users to log in using a valid FB account with “real names” lest being banned from signing into the Oculus environment. We all know not everyone has a FB account for many reasons and one of which is definitely riding on the paranoia of having an online presence and the issues that ties closely to the violation of the privacy of users.

Despite the negative reports from various Oculus Quest 2 users on the Elite strap, I still ordered it because it is the ONLY solution available right now for a better VR session. The strap helps to alleviate the “front-heavy” headset. I just need to be careful when removing it.

Looking forward to your review, wanted to try this but because of wearing glasses it quite a pain. I have the sony hmz T1, pq is very good but cannot use it for a long period of time as the head unit is heavy and can cause dizziness.

Here’s my modded Quest 2 VR Set.

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