Nvidia Shield TV (tube) playback problem

Hi all, my shield tube doesn’t play large (>30G) mkv files smoothly With kodi when streams over network from NAS. It will stutter during bright/fast action scenes. At first I thought my network speed is the issue but I did a Read/write test with A laptop and gotten full gigabits speed with the NAS. I also cleared the cache which doesn’t help. Anyone has any idea why this is happening and a remedy? If all else fail, I’m considering Changing to another Device like shield pro or zidoo x9z, but worry that these can’t play the files smoothly as well. Any advice?

For smoother streaming of higher bitrate content. Preferably to get a dedicated media player for that. Do consider Zidoo Z9X as there are many users here. With large user base, you can get more tips and higher chance for people to help you with any playback problem you encountered.

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I have been using a Z9s playing 4K movies from a UHD2000 through my LAN, no issues at all.

How big is ur 4k files?

40GB to 69GB. All are mkv files ripped from my 4K blurays

Great thanks!

Hi, I am using Shield Pro to stream from NAS. No issues with playback at all even with 4K LOTR mkvs (>100gb).

Thanks seems like shield tube got hw issue. Found ppl mentioned same issue With tube in other forum. Shield pro got 3G ram, tube only 2G ram… maybe ram issue?

Use the right tool for the right job is what it is. For the tube version, I believe it is good for streaming platform like Netflix and Disney Plus since the transcoding and all the heavy duty stuff which can be cpu intensive already taken care of by these streaming platform backend servers…and any thin client like Chromecast or Roku streaming stick can stream 4K with HDR wi/o any issue. But the moment you want to stream, transcode, subtitles, decoding Dolby Atmos bitstream etc using a third party app like Kodi, this is going to put a strain on the system.

The extra RAM for the Pro model will definitely help imo.

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Well said desray, totally agree with you…

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