Newer tv sound better

Recently my LG tv got issue but is under warranty, so it was replaced with a new Mini Led tv. The audio sounded much detail with the new tv. Btw the tv audio output(e-arc) into my Marantz SR 8012 and not from the tv. Do you encounter such a difference?

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majority of the new TVs in the market, sized minimum 50" and above, comes with DELSEC- Dolby Entry Level Sensory Experience Configuration, where one gets at least minimum Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos Virtualization or both, which can be served by one common SOC used across all brands.

while DV depends on how the quality of panels and lighting together with the system may work together. sound is not easy to achieve if we’re so engrossed that Dolby Atmos die die must have multiple drivers in a slim TV body to deliver. hence… majority of the “Atmos TV” are actually 2.0 systems going upwards starting with an integrated sub, then smaller drivers on the sides or top of the screen… where the final latter will give achieve 80% effect of how Atmos may sound like.
one thing that we shouldn’t forget, bigger size body, accommodates bigger drivers… depending on design. driver size differences produce different levels of mids and lows.

no matter how the drivers sized, or how they’re arranged, how high the volume u go, u couldn’t feel how the Nakatomi Tower explodes as the Huey falls on the building roof with great impacts and deep low bass, as the central system would put a cap on how the drivers vibrate not to pop off easily.

so the good sound, where does it come from? my bet will first on DELSEC, next on the size of the main 2 drivers, lastly on the multiple drivers installations in one body… if there is…

Are you saying both the old and new TV sound is eARC to the Marantz 8012 and playback via the HT system.

NOT using TV internal speakers at all?

And the audio source eARC from the new TV sounds better?

The eARC is set to Bitstream?

I am comparing the sound quality of a youtube video that is 2 channels. My TV has both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos in both previous and current TV. There are not many differences in sound quality when in Dolby Atmos from Disney +. I am guessing that the newer TV has a better chip for sound quality. My old TV is LG 75NANOCELL91 and my new TV is 75Mini LED 91. Anyway to get the TV sound card information?

Yes, I am not using sound from the TV’s internal speakers.
I did test the sound from the TV’s internal speakers but not much difference.
The eARC is set to the same as from previous TV settings

okie dokie… i guess i need to polish up my spectacles to read and have a stronger coffee to wake up my mind, have a clearer understanding of ur initial last part where it clearly mentions that the link between ur TV to the AVR is thru the eARC connection, and u’re hearing improvements over the old, suspecting it’s due to newer soundcard in the TV system…