New Onkyo Flagship AVR TX-RZ70

Saw this. Onkyo on the revival?

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Roon Ready!. Nice

Just curious, is Roon really an important feature that consumers these days look out for? Heck, even DTS X Pro is not something that I am interested in since there is a limit to the number of speakers that most of us can deploy. Unless of course, one has a very big listening area to play with many speakers.

It depends on how you consume your Audio media. Roon is vastly intelligent in suggesting songs you may like, based on your listening habit and media liabrary. But you will need Tidal or Qobuz for that. Else, you can turn your entire library into your personal streaming services.

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It will come in handy for setups that has stereo and HT., especially for users that is already with Roon. Though most AVR will support Roon via Airplay etc…it will be nice to have it supporting “native” RAAT . I guess also through RAAT, it should support MCH too.

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Problem with Airplay is limited to 16/44. No
Hires. For me, a good library system is not worth USD700. I’m quite used to the Bluesound & WiiM interfaces. They work fine.

Looks like the new Onkyo has only two independent sub outputs. If so, could be major mistake…

Looking at the specs, yes, only 2 independent subs but that shd meet the needs of the massess?

Quite surprise its a class AB amp.