New JBL Synthesis Series 2022 - AV Processor SDP-58 and AV Receiver SDR-38

Trinnov or Storm Audio is out of reach or perhaps you don’t like Anthem products that most of us are raving about in this forum? Or perhaps you prefer Dirac over ARC and wanted Auro 3D, then this is probably a good one to look at. This new line from JBL is reasonably priced and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Have a look and watch the Youtube infotainment clip.

…JBL SDP-58 and JBL SDR-38 have all the features of their predecessor models, including full 16-channel support for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D surround formats, DIRAC Live room calibration, multi-subwoofer bass control, DANTE connectivity, IMAX Enhanced certification and more.

Credit: Source from Hi-FiBLOG


JBL SDR-38 is priced at USD$8550, that’s SGD$11880 at todays currency exchange rate…

7 Channel’s of Class G Amplification…thats pretty sad for such premium pricing…yup, it can do 16 channels, but kinda hoped all 16 channel amplification was designed in it…hmmmm…

for that amount of money, lyngdorf MP40 might be a better option.