Need help to recommend reliable installer for wall mounting oled tv

Hi guys, i just got my hands on a 2nd hand 77" oled and need to wall mount it with my existing wall mount bracket.

Need help to recommend a reliable installer who can provide the service (i already got the wall mount bracket) :slight_smile: thanks!

You really go for it? LoL…

2nd hand. New one too exp for me…

which brand n model buddy?

Hi bro,
I have used them pretty often:

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Thx Petetherock.

Maybe my initial post was not clear. I’ve the wall mount already. I just need a reliable installer :slight_smile:

Carousell got many handyman service providing installation of TV brackets, why not give a try.

Did you try calling them to get a quote, sans the mount?
Install only?

Ah i see. They do installation as well. Thx for the contact! :slight_smile:

Found a reliable installer on Carousell. If anyone needs a contact, I would highly recommend.

He came with whole trolley of equipment, very pro. He wore a webbing type of vest that stored all the essential things. Drilling was dust-free and accurate. He was very careful too in caring for the 77" OLED panel. Friendly, responsive on message, and nice to work with. Highly recommended! You can see his rating on carousell.


Glad u found a reliable installer for your TV. Now it’s time to enjoy your new TV.