Need help on 4k Bluray Writer, External Harddisk and Ripping software

Hi HT experts and gurus,

I am a newbie looking to backup my blurays and 4k UHD blurays physical discs and would appreciate help on what are the hardware and software i need to go about doing it.

To begin with, may i know where can i buy a reliable external bluray writer locally or online. I read about the LG BU40N with a Vantec enclosure. Does any bro has any impression of this external bd writer? Next, what burning/ripping software would you recommend that can support different file profiles ( MKV, M2TS, ISO etc…). Read about MakeMKV and DVDfab. Can any bro chime in on these 2 ripping sofware? Would also appreciate if you could recommend a 12T - 14TB external harddisk.

I am considering getting a Zidoo Z9X to playback the ripped files from the external harddisk. Can someone recommend a external harddisk compatible with the Z9X. Please advise if i need any other accessories /software for playing back the ripped files from the Zidoo player/ bluray player.

Thanks in advance!