NDP 2021 theme song

They have nailed it this year IMO. Just came across this video last week, and I’m very impressed with this years NDP theme song.

It first started with kids singing whilst in the car on radio, and I was like wait , how do u know this song ?

Later we went home, in between they were humming. The humming part is dangerous… because it can slowly crawl into your mind, If the delta variant is contagious, this is like 3x more contagious

Soon, on one fine night, I fired up the song from the system……

And the moment the song played back on the system…… man… my goosebumps were all up! It’s incredible the vocals of the female artist! She sounds like Loren Allred, the singer from greatest showman ! Damn damn good….

Along the Way, after few seconds, came the bass! The line arrays working it’s magic, music with subwoofers… at this stage, I was telling myself, thank god the line array woofers were complete before covid19 kicked in. What an entirely different experience with the woofers. Totally transformed the listening experience . What sounded like a fantastic song on the radio in the car, is now a magnificent NDP theme song, in fact the best among all ndp songs to date, for me . The bass and beats were fast and good, lotsa oomph with subwoofers turned on. Something I cannot experience in the car, earpiece or anywhere else. Only on the set up with the line array woofers.

Well done! Congrats to the team behind this years ndp theme. The vocals were all fantastic for me.

Then came video graphics on screen, I just loved how they did the animation in between. We see the otters :otter: as well ! So cute ! Reminds me of the many otter sightings … u feel good, at home

All in, this is one helluva ndp theme song & video this year, if u haven’t yet watched it, check it out. Play it a few times and u will be poisoned .

Also, there are special dance moves u can learn !

Happy Birthday Singapore !!

Yes. The theme song for this year is indeed much better.

Agreed this year one is very nice

Check out this rendition with children, even more heart warming :

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Awwww this picture is so nice ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: