NAD Pre n PowerAmp's

Wow!! I am so intrigued by the New Nad Pre n PowerAmp’s now.
Just bought 2 sets of NAD M28 7Channel PowerAmp’s from the Agent at Lenbrook UB one.
At the same time the salesman let me hear the NAD C165 Analog PreAmp!!
It was a WOW!! Moment for me.
It’s got CLASS A components in it. Not cheap at SGD$1350 just for a PreAmp.
But hell it sounded so life like partnered with the M23 PowerAmp.
He even let me try to AB with my present C658 BluOS PreAmp…
It beat the C658 by leaps n bounds!!
But, when we tried to mix it up together with the C165 Plus the C658, it was astounding!!
The singer was alive n singing in the room!!!
NAD is Gr88888!!!

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Do give them a listen if u have spare time on your hands. U will be flabbergasted. Hehehehe!!