My new helper Roborock S7 robot vacuum

Recently I came across this robot vacuum that I saw my neighbour using. She has a cat as a pet at home and back then I was wondering this must be good and did some digging and was surprised to find so many good reviews

They tech breakdown on why this is so good

A lot of good reviews so I decided to try and got it at a discount in our recent 9.9 sales @ $729 with a free travel neck pillow, I called this little fella “Doraemon”

The robot vacuum has a an app u can download and does the mapping of the room using the Lidar system

So I schedule it to do daily cleaning

It’s very effective for carpets, as it goes onto the carpets, automatically suction power increases to max , every morning it is spick and span

It also dives in underneath the hifi audio rack, clears all the dust inside

It also has the mop feature, one thing u cannot do is put soup into the water tank as it may corrode the water tank over time. That’s what the manual says… so fair enough, just light sprinkle some Ajax on floor and let the robot do is mopping job! Damn it’s so satisfying !!!

Light mopping is good and it’s not so wet !! Good to protect your laminated timber flooring if u have it like mine at home

Never use one before…maybe should consider it in the near future. :slight_smile:

I can choose for it to mop at any given time with a schedule

U can do your daily schedule as well.

Important to note, even if it doesn’t clean and as effective as 100%, the fact that it’s able to hit 85% cleanliness on a daily basis still beats having 100% effectiveness Bi weekly cleaning or even alternate days cleaning. Daily vacuuming is so good

Over the past 2 weeks, I have also observed the air purifier filters and air cond filters are less dusty

You will still need to make sure the floor is tidy and no wires hanging around so the robot can do it’s job roaming the house and picking up dust. Emptying the bin is also a chore

U can also choose specific areas to vacuum and no go zone if one wishes to

To tie up the cables, I use this

For computer areas and study room, I tidy up all the cables and put into this box! It is so much neater now

For HP chargers at various locations in the house, I use this so the cables don’t sag down

Finally for cables touching the ground, I secure it with these on the wall

All from shopee

So now the robot can roam freely without getting cables getting entangled to it and causing it to pause. a lot easier !

And yes, u can also tell it to clean while u r out doing grocery or shopping when no one is at home.

It took 1 hour to clean living room + kitchen + 1 common room. 45% battery drained for an hour and it returns to dock for recharging

20 mins to clean the bigger master / study bedroom

Absolutely love this robot cleaner stuff…. Aka Doraemon

And now they have the new product launched, which is the auto emptying rubbish docking station

I didn’t buy that, I thoughts it’s better to discard the rubbish daily and clear the filter.

Still a lot of dust clearing it daily… wonder where all the dust comes from ??? Lol

Good ah…. Highly recommended this roborock s7, especially if u have carpets !!

Can even get for your mom as Mother’s Day gift or for her birthday, maybe set it up for her then show her, pretty easy…. She will be happy :slight_smile:

Kitchen mop after cooking, choosing deep mode

U can customise just to have kitchen area having deep mopping mode daily

This is really good !!

New firmware update is availble , Doraemon robot is very smart indeed. So far so good.

I’m loving both the mop function and the carpet function

That’s the available carpet settings, it does the boost

Very clean daily… all these are done while we are asleep in the room. We can’t hear the noise in the living room when robot is cleaning. That’s partly because the room doors have some basic noise proofing batwing etc installed

Recently, we got another vacuum, this time it’s the XiaoMi dust mite vacuum for the mattresses

The wired version cost like $65 bucks only! But boy u can see how good ot is and it does the job, all those dust ! Can’t believe what I’m seeing. I can’t see the dust on the mattress as it is covered with bedsheets… lol

Ok side track from Doraemon aka roborock, we have named this mini dust mite vacuum Ms Dorami… lol

Overall very good products both the roborock s7 and XiaoMi mini dust mite vacuum are excellent stuff! Highly recommended

Maintaining a clean healthy environment is good, it does feel a lot better especially when it comes to breathing. Refreshing and feels good when things are spick and span.

Side track a bit from HT syokness. The other important factor is comfort, cleanliness and a good comfortable HT chair when watching the movies. This also makes a helluva difference to the movie experience

Just found out there is also a maintenance advice, to tell u the condition of the brush etc and if it needs cleaning or replacement

Some of these parts can be purchased and sourced from TB etc

U can also open it and deep clean the unit further. Tons of videos on how to do that on YouTube

Upon cleaning, the roborock, I noticed after a month, there is some simple maintenance works

Here is how the battery looks when unscrewed , most of these vacuum have battery issues over time, so replacing the battery should be pretty easy

There is also the brush to clean

Not too bad, quite easy to clean, the sensors and the brush

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