MO: miniDSP Flex TRS (XLR version)

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miniDSP Flex, 400MHz Sharc DSP audio processor, toolbox for subwoofer or multiway speaker tuning, Optional Dirac Live license for room correction, Bluetooth LDAC/APTX/AAC streaming, Flexible I/O versions for unbalanced/balanced/digital connectivity Array

The miniDSP Flex is the 3rd generation of our popular line of compact 2-in, 4-out audio processors. It retains the powerful floating point processor but rethinks the I/O architecture so we can provide our customers with different input-output versions in this compact chassis. The initial versions are single-ended analog I/O (RCA), balanced analog I/O (TRS) and digital out with superb audiophile specification for your enjoyment.

All versions include a set of digital inputs: USB audio, S/PDIF (RCA/optical) and Bluetooth (LDAC/aptX). An OLED front panel display and volume control/encoder knob provides easy control. As always, the Flex series is jam-packed with miniDSP’s tried and proven audio processing functionality: flexible parametric EQ, IIR & FIR filters, crossovers, advanced biquad programming and delay on each output channel. Last but not least, all platforms are easily software-upgradable with Dirac Live®, the world’s premiere room correction system for full range (20~20kHz) tuning.

The miniDSP Flex will find a myriad uses in applications ranging from a compact digital stereo preamp through subwoofer integration and optimization to active speakers, home theater and recording studios. You just need to let your creativity do the rest!

Hardware Features
Processor: 32-bit floating-point 400MHz Analog Devices SHARC DSP
Multi-Core USB Audio processor (XMOS)
Bluetooth streaming: LDAC™/aptX™ HD/aptX™/AAC/SBC
Optional upgrade to Dirac Live® 3.x Digital Room Correction, Full Range Room Correction (20~20kHz)
Audiophile performance: SNR@120dB(A), THD+N @ -110dB (0.0003%)
Inputs: Stereo digital (USB Audio/SPDIF/Optical/Bluetooth), stereo analog (Unbalanced RCA)
Flexible Output versions: Unbalanced (RCA), Balanced (TRS), Digital (TOSLINK & SPDIF)
USB audio recording feature (4xCH processed output via USB audio today record inputs, e.g. Vinyl)
White/Black OLED front panel controller with IR control
Compatible with miniDSP’s Device Console.


What does it do? Meant for home theater or 2 channel audio?

Its for both either HT for subs or 2ch audio.
Highly would be use for those who uses XLR.

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Is there any need for those who already have the miniDSP 2 x 4HD? Seems like XLR is the only feature that sets this apart or is there more to it? You may wish to tell the members here. :smile:

For those who has the minidsp 2x4hd (if you are using RCA to RCA) I would prefer you guys to stay with it. Unless cosmetics you want to see it elegant, you can change to the flex.

Those who has AVP that uses XLR and the subs XLR. Ideally would be great to upgrade as the 4V balanced output.

Guess the information of the flex on the above would sum it up. Anyone has any questions feel free to drop here and we can share the information along.


I have both 2x4 HD and the miniDSP SHD.
It has both XLR and RCA output which is great, and measurements are much better than 2x4 HD, you may find it in ASR forum.

I used all 4 channels to manage 4subs by importing MSO EQ.

However I guess most people would use this for 2.2 channel audio.