Minidsp 2x4HD - all u need to know

This device as we all know, is almost a must have for bass lovers and BEQ users. At the price, it’s really a no brainer

Pretty decent device and I still use this as well, together with a wifi dongle for ease of use

One may be wondering why do I still need this despite have a lyngdorf MP50

I’ll share why I’m still using it.

Firstly for stereo music, I’m using the Oppo 205 , Sabre dac 9038 pro, purely for 2 channel listening with subs . I use a switch to toggle the signal for HT and stereo listening

The switch is from noobsound, looks like this

It allows me to A to HT, then B to Music from Oppo. It is very easy to AB anything in the set up. I think distributor or reseller demoing should get this, so easy and convenient . (By the way, doesn’t degrade the sound in anyway, I can’t tell any difference with and without the switch)

Now back to mindisp.

To take advantage of the Oppo Sabre DACs and line array subs, I needed a minidsp 2x4hd. So I use my Oppo sub out, into the minidsp. Under profile 1, I use it for BEQ for crowsons. Under profile two. The line array subs are activated to pair with Oppo 205 for music through the rca connections . The best of both worlds. ( line array subs are also connected to Mp50 xlr for HT)

One very important note, let’s look at these two settings below . They both have a +13db gain

The first in blue, had a +10db in output of minidsp and +3db on input , as seen above

The second in red below, had a +9db input and +4db output

See the circled portion. Which one sounded better ? Or there is no difference ? Anyone wanna guess ?

I’ll explain further later

I think 3dB input + 10 dB output sound better, :smiley:

Nice try Keai! Actually using the one in red, 9db on input 4db output will sound nicer

Because the signal coming in from the Oppo 205 is so good and clean, amplifying it at the digital input stage will yield better quality because the signal coming in has less distortion compared to the minidsp output stage where we are amplifying the signal where it has slightly more distortion.

A better approach however, is to use more gain on the Oppo 205 instead. What this means is that one should make sure the output section of the minidsp 2x4hd is not boosted at all. Retain at 0db. And if possible, the input on the mindisp is having 0 db or negative trims

The corresponding gain should be adjusted at the trim settings on the Oppo. Meaning we reduce the internal trim of the Oppo for all speakers to -10db. And keep the subwoofer lfe trim at 0. What this means is that the subwoofer channel is now indirectly louder by 10db, because the rest of the speakers are reduced by 10db

Then to make up for this reduced levels in speaker, one can turn up the Master volume on the Oppo by 10db

This approach above is the best approach , it’s termed as “gain optimisation”. One must be able to find that levels so it is able to produce this optimisation for the system. This also means u must know at what “o clock” the subs dial should be at. For the seatons, this is at 2 o’clock

The same process applies if u r having a denon 8500 or 3600, because the digital signal coming in is cleaner on both these AVRs, one will benefit with this approach . One could then increase the MV to compensate for levels whilst no digital bits lost in the digital domain with a relatively higher MV used

Hope that helps. The clarity on the bass will improve if you take this approach

I also noticed the 8500 having a cleaner output and boosting up a few db yield better result.

Ahh, there you go… :+1:t2:

You found out !

It performs even better when paired with external amplification. Quite clean sounding the denon 8500.

One can actually experience this by just changing the volume on the fly as you listen to the bass tracks , adjusting the slider up and down in volume on the 2x4hd, you will be able to tell the difference

So hope this helps those of you having a mindisp 2x4hd, u will now have better information on which side of the volume you can increase

For the best optimal results, whenever possible, one can apply a negative trim -10db on the input section of the minidsp 2x4hd . This is the maximum you will ever need .

It will not be possible to clip the signal in the digital domain when applying a -10db on the input of the 2x4hd, even if one is playing at reference volume.

Hope that helps, enjoy the bass on the minidsp 2x4hd, it is one of the best value for money equipment money can buy for a subwoofer outboard EQ

My OPPO 205 sub out @0db trim,minidsp input/output both @0db for music listening ,only difference for ht is input @-2db to prevent clipping the input as i playback ht @ higher spl. It actually have much better SNR than the Antimode dualcore 2.0 i uses to owned which ‘leaked’ the ‘noise’ to the subs,replaced it with this 2x4hd ‘killed’ the ‘noise’,even put my ear just next to the driver also can’t hear anything. Another killer features is can do BEQ with ease make movies watching more enjoyable. A ‘must’ have IMO.

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Thanks bro Bryan, learned something new, :+1:

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