Miller & Kreisel (MK)

Recently came across these subs, THX Dominus certified subs X15+

Well reviewed in the UK :uk: & USA & HK , Taiwan

Both reviewers gave it a 5/5

Anyone owns this ? Looks good! Dual 15” in push pull configuration with a street price of $7k

Syok! It’s a sealed sub

I didn’t know UK people also use HK Cantonese movie House of Flying Dagger to test subs :rofl:

Hot hot midbass


Looks promising. Hopefully databass or other sub reviewer can do some measurements

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Should be an endgame subs for MK full system for HT :slight_smile:
Yap the UK guys love MK speakers.

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Same concept like perlisten d215 but cheaper…hope there will direct shoot up between 2.

Oh ya, some of the guys are asking Shane to do a shootout… lol

He did the unboxing video 3 months ago

The reviews on X15+ will be coming soon by Shane… but I think we might not get to see a AB comparison between the 2…… both THX Dominus sub but The M&Ks are 1/2 the price without any fancy built in EQ

Some of the recent comments caught my attention

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Ok Shane has done it now

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One of the feedbacks I got is that these monster subs need time to break in, for it to sound smoother

When it’s new, it’s a little bit stiff and you can hear it. Over time once the drivers are fully broken in, one can experience much smoother bass feeling.

50hours break in? I think it’s about that long…

Coming from a German reviewer

Looks good from the review…

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Came across this on the web, it appears folks using M&K subs elsewhere in the world, seems to have a “preference “ mating the isoacoustics Gaia footers with the MK subs…