Member's Lounge (New Category) created

A new category styled, Member’s Lounge was created for members with level 2 trust and above.

What is this Member’s Lounge all about?

This is a privileged lounge for members who have contributed to the growth of this forum over the years. All future AVDisco Demo Sampler-related updates will be featured here. Those who have access to this category will be given access to the download links as well.

How do I know if I have access to this category?

Members just need to login to the forum. If you can see the category, then you have met the requirements.

Alternatively, you will received a PM (see screenshot below) from the system notifying you of the upgrade in trust level.

A few “Level 1 Trust” members asked me, “How can I up my trust level?”

That’s easy! You just need to contribute more to this forum with posts and share relevant content and your knowledge and experience with the community. Trust me, it is not hard to get to the next level of trust. Make this forum your one-stop info for all things related to home theatre and Hi-Fi. Help to spruce up the quality of the content in this forum. By the way, more doesn’t mean spamming the forum with irrelevant stuff!


Wow, cool!! :smile:

Good move. Support! Thanks bro!