Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

First look at the Submariner, Namor. Look very different from the comic book character save for the trademark pointy ears. :stuck_out_tongue:

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For those who really wants to know who don the Black Panther suit…read here (spoiler). If you want it to remain as a mystery, then DON’T CLICK ON THE SPOILER LINK.

this looks very good! nice… cant wait…

Expect the storyline to focus more on Wakanda and its people. This will make an interesting solo movie imo. I think the key is to make a good movie with a captivating storyline for this sequel to the Black Panther. Of course, the world is not ready to accept another actor to take on the mantle of Black Panther after the passing of Chad Boseman. The cinematography is really something…Atlantis with Namor will be the focal point of this movie.

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This poster on the female Black Panther looks cool…


The video looks fantastic on wakanda forever, very good… can’t wait… that will be the end of phase 4 and part of the Multiverse saga now…

Secret wars won’t be directed by the Russo brothers though they have expressed their interest… huhu….

Love the movies from the Russo brothers, civil war, infinity war and end game all very good!

The gray man from the Russo brothers on Netflix is also very good

I believe this one will go to Destin, the director of Shang-Chi.

Latest trailer…


anybody watched this yet? is the story good? Better than part 1?

Not as good as the first one… This is a movie of mourning and sorrow. Wakanda is in a state of grief after the passing of the T’Challa and more grief that befalls Wakanda. The movie could have cut short by 15 - 20mins…its quite draggy to my liking. One very bad thing which may annoy most viewers is the movie is too dark. Despite that, it is still worth a view.

Thanks bro @desray. I just watched it at plq imax.

Movie worth watching overall. Storyline average and predictable. They could have build up the water tribe profile/background better and more realistic like avatar. Seems a stretch lol.

Agreed it is a bit draggy.

This movie totally exposed the PJ ability in blacks! So many dark scenes looked inky and can see the pj struggling in the lower end of the greyscale.

But the color accuracy and tone mapping of the laser PJ at plq is superb. Skin tones are great. Screen size is reference man!

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