Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

First look at the Submariner, Namor. Look very different from the comic book character save for the trademark pointy ears. :stuck_out_tongue:

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For those who really wants to know who don the Black Panther suit…read here (spoiler). If you want it to remain as a mystery, then DON’T CLICK ON THE SPOILER LINK.

this looks very good! nice… cant wait…

Expect the storyline to focus more on Wakanda and its people. This will make an interesting solo movie imo. I think the key is to make a good movie with a captivating storyline for this sequel to the Black Panther. Of course, the world is not ready to accept another actor to take on the mantle of Black Panther after the passing of Chad Boseman. The cinematography is really something…Atlantis with Namor will be the focal point of this movie.

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This poster on the female Black Panther looks cool…


The video looks fantastic on wakanda forever, very good… can’t wait… that will be the end of phase 4 and part of the Multiverse saga now…

Secret wars won’t be directed by the Russo brothers though they have expressed their interest… huhu….

Love the movies from the Russo brothers, civil war, infinity war and end game all very good!

The gray man from the Russo brothers on Netflix is also very good

I believe this one will go to Destin, the director of Shang-Chi.

Latest trailer…


anybody watched this yet? is the story good? Better than part 1?

Not as good as the first one… This is a movie of mourning and sorrow. Wakanda is in a state of grief after the passing of the T’Challa and more grief that befalls Wakanda. The movie could have cut short by 15 - 20mins…its quite draggy to my liking. One very bad thing which may annoy most viewers is the movie is too dark. Despite that, it is still worth a view.

Thanks bro @desray. I just watched it at plq imax.

Movie worth watching overall. Storyline average and predictable. They could have build up the water tribe profile/background better and more realistic like avatar. Seems a stretch lol.

Agreed it is a bit draggy.

This movie totally exposed the PJ ability in blacks! So many dark scenes looked inky and can see the pj struggling in the lower end of the greyscale.

But the color accuracy and tone mapping of the laser PJ at plq is superb. Skin tones are great. Screen size is reference man!


Black Panther Wakanda Forever is now streaming on Disney Plus. Unfortunately, the sound department is once again a big letdown. Not sure why all Black Panther soundmix always so average compared to the other Marvel titles.

PQ wise, it is ok but not as “sharp” compared to the first movie. Here’s why - Here's why 'Wakanda Forever' looks so much worse than 'Black Panther'

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I just watched it tonight on Disney+, not having watched it in the theater. As explained by Desray’s video, it seems to have been a choice of the studio, perhaps to save editing time. As I watched it on my LG HU810 with MadVR, I took some shots with my iPhone X, which I show below. This movie transitions from a few reasonably bright scenes to some very dark scenes, reminiscent of The Batman and the whole underwater world was very dark. This movie is a challenge for most projectors’ tone mapping systems. If you set the curve to make the brighter scenes look vibrant, the dark ones will disappear. If you turn off DTM, the bright scenes will blow out. Probably shows best on an OLED in a dark room.

Here’s a bright sharp scene near the end of the movie :point_down:

Now, a really dark scene of the Elephants before Namor arrives :point_down:

When I look at this scene in HDR with tone mapping on, you don’t see much, but MadVR toned it up sufficiently to see detail. Average light levels are only a few nits

Similarly Nemo’s underwater world is quite dark and this scene would be difficult for projectors to tone map because of very dark and very bright parts :point_down:

Much of the lack of perceived sharpness, seems to be the studios decision to blur backgrounds, so while the subject is razor sharp, the background is blurred like in stylish photos :point_down:

In the previous Black Panther, the backgrounds were sharper.

However, when we don’t have a background where there is depth, overall sharpness is good :point_down:


Thanks for the deep dive analysis. I can’t find the time to do it anymore. We’ll done.

i preferred this movie over Avatar 2, Way of Water…

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Nice analysis! I need to find some time to view the scenes over my oled soon! :smiley:

How did it appear on your oled?

After your message, I finally sat down in a dark room to look at some of the dark scenes from Wakanda Forever. Previously I had watched the OLED in a bright room. The Elephant scene was interesting as the same iPhone X seems to record a more saturated image on the OLED :point_down:

In the dark Namor scene on the OLED, not only could you see the same amount of detail as on MadVR/LG HU810, but there was significantly more detail in the bright parts like the lights on the diving suit. The iPhone X picture below doesn’t show that advantage because the iPhone camera clipped the brightest light output from the OLED, but I could see the detail with my eyes :point_down:

I tried to capture some reference shots from my Mac, but unfortunately Disney+ prevents screen captures and all I saw was a blank screen.

Basic conclusion is that the Panasonic OLED and MadVR/LG HU810 provide about the same amount of shadow detail in dark scenes, but, for projectors, MadVR doesn’t seem to process lights as well as it does flames and explosions. There doesn’t seem to be obvious advantages to using MadVR for an OLED if it has good tone mapping for bright scenes (like LG OLED) or for a LLDV stream. Also, Panasonic conquered black crush earlier on their OLEDs than LG.

There are definite slight color differences between the OLED and LG HU810 despite both being calibrated using Calman Autocal, but they are slight and quite acceptable to me. dE for color was much lower on the OLED compared to the projector, particularly the cyan color, so I would expect some differences. Some equipment’s picture settings also hit a limit when you are calibrating so I expect that with Autocal too.

I didn’t take any pictures of OLED bright scenes, but my setup uses the Dolby Vision LLDV stream, where the bright parts are tone mapped by the processor in my player down to the OLED’s expected 1,000 nits using a HDFury Arcana. So that might be different from yours.

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Just finished this movie yesterday via bedroom TV.
Wow lot of really very dark scenes! @desray bro can watch on u new JVC N7 :slight_smile:

Love the story much more than Shazam and the character Namor is powerful!

Wa bro the elephant scene not sure if i spot them lolllll . interesting :slight_smile: