Marvel’s Eternals

Preview is out ! We are now into phase 4

“What if” looks good, could be anything. Will it turn out to be Zombie Avengers ? That would be fun !

Patient Zero with Hulk… how do you even stop a hulk not to mention a Zombie Hulk !

That would be cool

Anyone catch this on Disney Plus? I’m using VPN and US Disney subscription. Watched about a month ago and it was really good.

Why do you need a VPN for Disney plus streaming? :astonished:

US content is slightly different from the Singapore content. VPN switches between the two contents. US price is USD80 per year, which is slightly cheaper than Singapore as well.

That’s not my point…my point is why need a VPN to watch The Eternals when it is also available on Disney Plus based in Singapore. VPN connection no matter how good will not be as high bandwidth as using local ISP bandwidth. I’m fully aware that content may be different based on different geographic just like Netflix. :slight_smile:

I normally have the VPN on 24/7 as I watch US content like ESPN, Sling TV, US Prime Video, Netflix and Disney Plus. US library is usually bigger. Occasionally, I will turn VPN off to watch something Singapore specific. Like The Good Doctor was not available on US Netflix, but available in Singapore. My VPN bandwidth is about 150 mbps so everything is smooth.

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“Really good”? Hmm, I thought it was horrible… :sweat_smile:

Movies are subjective…some like it, some don’t. Personally, I find Eternals okay and worth re-watching.

With Marvel films, I’m a sucker for the special effects and Eternals had spectacular ones that strain your AV equipment. Loved it! As for the storyline, Marvel stuff appealed to me mainly when I was a kid reading comics so I don’t put emphasis on it or the acting. Star Wars is different.

Same for me, IMHO, I thought it was the least favourable among all the marvel movies

Spider-Man no way home was brilliant… looking forward now to multiverse of madness from dr strange… we can see how they are expanding the story

On eternals , I thought the soundmix was poor, video was pretty dark and mediocre, I was struggling with the scope imax scope imax video, and the storyline was so so… too many heroes … felt kind messy… all over the place

Unlike the avengers where they build up specific characters and all heroes come together, this eternal version didn’t give each hero enough screen time… I think that was lacking…

Soundmix was Atmouse….

So I agree with u, for me it’s also the worst among all the marvel movies

Parts of the movie were definitely dark, so perhaps best watched on an OLED if you want to see the shadow detail. But I was impressed by the visuals, particularly the volcano fight at the end. On the audio side, I don’t have ATMOS, but I thought the LFE effects were solid.

Im no enthusiast of Marvel stories, but I think in this one they were trying to reboot a new Marvel universe and introduce a lot of characters

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Story aside…I agreed with the video segment, the colors are rather muted throughout the movie, a waste of 4K HDR in my opinion. However, for the audio, I do find the Dolby Atmos mix quite engaging in most fight scenes with the deviants.

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Yes, agreed with your comments. :slight_smile: