Making my own D.I.Y wooden speaker stands

Found a pinewood bed frame at my blk’s rubbish dump area… I brought it back home and cut it up to make my own “customized height” speaker stands for my “back surround speakers to sit on”
After screwing in the screws to sink into the top n bottom, I used wall putty to conceal the screwholes…
After everything dries up N Sanding it smooth, I am gonna spray it to “Matt Black Color”.
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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Nice work!

Very nice.

Sanding it down, Done.

Viola!!! Desired End product Achieved!!!
As u can see from the picture’s below, both are of the exact height of 30inches.


Nice. Looks like u had fun :slight_smile:

yup, hehehehe!!!
all done in 11 hours total.

Impressive hand work there!

thanks guy’s!!!

Good you make 90 deg angle for the vertical support. Add more stability.
Nice work Bro :+1:

thanks buddy. :wink:

My 2nd D.I.Y Speaker Stands Project…
Changing out the Super Small Top Plate, and using the Pinewood that I found to replace it.
Sprayed the pinewood to flat black too!! Hehehehe!!!

Not bad, neat and nice. Good skills


Way to go! Free-cycling!

My 3rd D.I.Y Speaker “Top Plate Expansion” project for the Wharfedale Stands… So now my Wharfedale Evo 4.2 can sit on a bigger base plate.


Nice all color same same

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Like showroom :+1: :smiley:

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